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Throughout history, engineering was almost entirely the domain of white men, for example, it was in 1892 that The Massachusetts Institute of Technology had its first African-American graduate, Robert R. Taylor. It was only 25 years later, in 1917, that the university gave its first civil engineering diploma to an African-American.  Although we’re in 2022 – the pictures are still relatively similar – white men still dominate the industry. The UK has one of the most male-dominated engineering sectors, Male academic scientists outnumber their female counterparts by two to one

Best known for his “Crank That” song, DeAndre Cortez Way, professionally known as Soulja Boy, was able to use tech-savvy ways to launch his career as a pioneer in the digital hip hop era. His journey into the music industry is different from most artists. The Chicago-born artist initially self-published the catchy song to the internet in 2007 and uploaded the corresponding “Soulja Boy dance” on YouTube, generating hundreds of thousands of views. Now the videos sit at a comfortable 504M views – not bad for someone who was just

A tech company that provides human resource training to large corporations has just been revealed to be using white actors to portray people of color within sessions about diversity, equity, and inclusion. During the training sessions, there were reportedly scenarios where Child Protective Services removed a child from a Black family and in each case, white actors played the roles of the Black characters. In other VR simulations, white actors played characters of Asian descent, and neurotypical adults played autistic children. Mursion, a corporate education company that has clients including Coco cola and Starbucks, has

Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan has launched an initiative aimed at tackling the underrepresentation of young Black men in London’s thriving technology sector. The initiative, called the Tech WIN Design Lab 3 is part of Khan’s wider Workforce Integration Network (WIN) program aimed at increasing the number of young Black men in the capital’s key industries. Mr. Khan believes it’s “not right that talented and ambitious black Londoners are not being given the opportunity to prosper in the capital’s tech sector” Statistics already show young Black men make up just five

A damning report has found that inflation is hurting the wallets of everyday citizens as it hits a 30-year-high in the US and people of color and rural households are the most affected. Researchers from the Bank Of America have reported that those with less income and wealth are less likely to have savings to buffer the current “inflation shock,” and because of this, their spending power is greater.  But lower-income families are also more “exposed” to the goods with the most inflation, researchers wrote in a report released last week. The

Memphis-born Abiodun Johnson, along with co-founders Boris Moyston and Evan Leaphart created the first “Unicorn Ambition Conference” for Black Men Talk Tech in 2019, and since then, they’ve gone from strength to strength awarding over $80,000 in funding to Black tech founders, BMTT is a collective and concert series that supports emerging and elite Black tech entrepreneurs. Unicorn Ambition Conference is a national tech conference providing exposure and resources to Black tech founders who are building innovative companies and focused on massive growth or becoming the next “unicorn.” What is BMTT all

Black entrepreneurs know the climb to getting substantial funding from investors can be practically a vertical ascent. Venture-backed founders tend to all look the same with 73 percent of all founding teams composed exclusively of men while 60 percent of founding teams are exclusively White. But here at POCIT news, we believe our community of great founders, engineers, and designers can do it all and our job is to provide you with insight, tips, and timely news. We’ve compiled a list of all the places you can get funding as

A few days ago, I got an email regarding a Black-led, Gen Z fintech startup providing income-constrained individuals with investment opportunities. The release said the company, run by a 22-year-old and 25-year-old duo, had just announced their Series A investment round. This – of course – immediately caught my attention because I’m eager to highlight the achievements of young people in tech, but I was even more ecstatic when I saw the figure – Sheridan Clayborne and Mitchell Jones had managed to raise a whopping $18million in their fundraising round.

A Black-led, Gen Z fintech startup providing income-constrained individuals investment opportunities has announced an $18M Series A investment round. The group of diverse investors rallying up to fund Lendtable’s future included SoftBank’s SB Opportunity Fund, Valor Equity Partners, and CEOs of Complex Networks and Social Finance, Inc. The fintech firm, run by founders under 30-years-old, has already disbursed over $2.4 million in match benefits to hundreds of employees in just a year, running the gamut from those employed by small consumer brand companies to Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft,

A Black-owned startup providing non-intrusive audio ads within mobile games has just raised $14M in its series A round. Makers Fund and Lightspeed Venture Partners led the round. Also participating in the fundraising was the Sequoia Scout Program and Google. The total investment for AudioMob to date is now at $16 million.  From kicking off in 2020, founders Christian Facey, CEO, and Wilfrid Obeng, CTO, have seen recent client successes with artists including Ed Sheeran and Nas alongside brands like Intel, Jeep, and KitKat who all saw relative metric achievements

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