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From dealmakers at significant funds to founding partners of new firms and industry-changing nonprofits, Forbes 30 Under 30 listed young leaders helping to shape venture capital’s future. The list spotlights funders and founders aged 29 or younger as of December 31, 2023. We have compiled a list of some people of color founders who are helping the venture capital industry. Sesana Allen – Associate Investor, Smash Capital Allen is an investor at Smash Capital, a late-stage venture firm backed by former Disney executives and investors from Insight Partners. She sourced the firm’s investment in

Braze has expanded its product grant program, previously known as Tech for Black Founders – now called Tech for an Equitable Future. Braze is a comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers relevant and memorable experiences between consumers and the brands they love. Tech for Black Founders was launched in 2020 to address findings that only 1% of US founders backed by venture capital are Black. Today Braze’s program has 24 Black-founded businesses, including ten women-founded startups, active in the program, totaling $735,00 in annualized Braze product value. Tech For An Equitable

Waspito, a Cameroonian health startup, has secured a $2.5 million seed extension, helping its growth in Francophone African regions. Waspito Waspito is a health-focused social network that aims to integrate the whole health ecosystem into a single platform. Instead of building a platform involving pre-registration and booking consultation meetings, founder Jean Lobe Lobe opted for one where users could instantly connect with doctors. Lobe founded the startup in 2020, just before the COVID pandemic became a global health emergency, aiming to make healthcare accessible. “Going online to book an appointment

Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM) has announced the close of its Morgan Stanley Next Level Fund, aimed at early-stage tech companies led by underrepresented entrepreneurs. The fund has closed at its target size of $50 million of total capital commitments with investors including Hearst, Microsoft, and Walmart. Morgan Stanley’s Next Level Morgan Stanley’s Next Level is MSIM’s impact-focused private equity business. It makes privately negotiated equity and equity-related venture capital investments in primarily stage tech and tech-enabled companies with women or underrepresented founders as part of the founding team. “We

For almost six years, I’ve sat in on investor meetings and made deals with startup teams committed to disruption. I’ve seen entrepreneurship in its greatest form, and as an early-stage investor, I’ve been part of getting exciting ideas off the ground and into the marketplace. Uniquely, my career as a founder-turned-investor has been surrounded by nuanced advocacy for social equity and fair opportunities, driving me to relentlessly champion underrepresented voices and create a level playing field for all. Early in my career, I worked closely with the leadership gender gap

Nigerian venture capital firm Aduna Capital has announced the launch of a $20 million fund to invest in Northern Nigeria startups and Africa. Aduna Capital Aduna Capital is a registered investment advisor startup with a new wealth management advisor experience. The firm provides investment management services where clients can utilize discretion in managing their accounts. This includes advice with various asset classes, including equity, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, fixed-income instruments, and options. Specifically, the client grants the firm full power to direct, manage, and change the investment and reinvestment of

Anu Hariharan, who led Y Combinator (YC) Continuity, has partnered with two former colleagues and former Brex executive Lucas Fox to launch a new fund, Avra. Helping founders scale their companies  YC Continuity was an investment fund supporting founders as they scaled their companies. But this year, it scaled back growth stage investment and cut nearly 20% of its staff before being discontinued. According to TechCrunch, Hariharan finalized plans for launching Avra two months after YC shut the Continuity fund. She draws on her years of experience supporting founders as

Relevance Ventures and Skoden Ventures have announced the launch of the Native American Capital and Investment Alliance (NAICA) to bridge the gap between Native American founders and capital providers. Relevance Ventures is one of the only privately owned and operated Native American venture capital firms in the US. They provide strategic venture assistance and guidance to entrepreneurs who foster balance and harmony while delivering a positive societal impact. Skoden Ventures is a boutique venture fund investing in early-stage startups with Indigenous, Black, Brown, and women founders. Native American Founders For

As he retires from the NBA, former professional basketball player Andre Iguodala is set to lead Mosaic, his venture capital (VC) fund. Iguodala had an established reputation for nearly two decades as one of the NBA’s most versatile players, an All-Star, and an Olympic gold medalist. He has now announced his retirement from pro basketball to DealBook to focus on his other career as a startup investor. “It’s been a blessing to play for that long,” he told DealBook. Mosaic Mosaic is Iguodala’s $200 million venture capital fund raised with

Black founders raised only 0.13% of all capital allocated to US startups in Q3 of this year, Crunchbase has reported. A decline in funding Only 0.13% of venture dollars allocated between July and September went to Black founders. This equates to about $39.7 million of the total $29.9 billion allocated, a massive year-over-year drop for Black founders. In Q3 2022, Black founders raised $1 billion out of around $81.7 billion in venture dollars, approximately 1.2%. TechCrunch also reported a massive quarter-over-quarter drop as in Q2 of 2023, Black founders raised

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