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On June 10, 2024, Kai Cenat made Twitch history by breaking the platform’s North American viewership record during a stream featuring Kevin Hart and Druski.  The trio’s collaboration brought in 712,600 peak concurrent viewers, surpassing the previous record set by Ninja’s Fortnite stream with Drake in 2018, which had 644,800 concurrent viewers. LeBron James Surprise Appearance The stream gained even more attention when NBA superstar LeBron James made a surprise FaceTime call with Kevin Hart.  This unexpected appearance generated viral moments that quickly spread across social media, adding to the

Social media influencers with darker skin tones and curlier hair textures earn substantially less than their counterparts, according to research from SevenSix Agency, a UK-based talent-management firm. Influencer Pay Gap: The Impact Of Skin Tone And Hair Type The report, published on June 4, surveyed 300 influencers of varying ethnic backgrounds, including Arab, Black, East Asian, Latinx, South Asian, and Southeast Asian, alongside their white counterparts.  The findings show that influencers with a “deep dark” skin tone earn 44.63% less than those with a “light skin” tone.  This pay gap

Social media platform X, formerly Twitter, has been running ads on the search results for least 20 racist and antisemitic hashtags, according to a review by NBC News. The ad placements allowed X to monetize the hateful content more than 18 months after Elon Musk said that he would demonetize such posts on the platform. X Runs Racist Ads NBC News found the advertisements by searching several hashtags used to promote racism and antisemitism and by searching X accounts known for racial or religious hatred. The hashtags found varied from #whitepride

Food critic and TikToker Keith Lee, also known as “The People’s Champ,” has partnered with Microsoft to amplify Black restaurants further. Lee’s viral food reviews continue to highlight Black and African-American-owned restaurants, and he uses his platform to connect with worldwide food lovers. Striving to place community at the center of his partnership, he is teaming up with Microsoft to help restaurants future proof their businesses with their AI-powered tool Copilot. Lee Partners With Microsoft Lee has partnered with Microsoft to provide restaurateurs with AI tools to help their businesses

Global stock media platform pocstock has joined forces with Canva to bring diverse and inclusive visual content to the visual communication platform. pocstock pocstock is a global stock media platform that focuses on people of color. It is on a mission to change the way the world sees Black, Asian, Hispanic, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, and differently-abled people of color. Founded by Steve Jones and DeSean Brown, pocstock aims to help people of color change how they see themselves by ensuring everyone everywhere has access to positive, beautiful and authentic images of

There is an alarming rise in disinformation in the media for Black Americans as the elections approach, according to a recent survey. Survey Highlights Disparities In Media Consumption And Misinformation A public opinion poll commissioned by Free Press BSP Research and the African American Research Collaborative surveyed 3,000 people in the US.  The findings reveal that Black and Latino Americans are more likely to access news on platforms like Facebook and YouTube compared to their white and Asian American counterparts.  This group is also more engaged with social media content,

Eight TikTok creators have filed a lawsuit against the US government over their new law that would force the sale or ban of the video app, owned by Chinese ByteDanceLTD. The Potential TikTok Ban So Far Joe Biden recently signed into law a bill that requires TikTok’s Chinese owner to sell the social media app’s US operations or face a ban, after the Senate passed the legislation. The bill gives TikTok’s Beijing-based parent, ByteDance, 270 days to sell the app’s US operations and if not, it will then face a

Hulu’s latest docuseries, “Black Twitter: A People’s History,” examines how Black Twitter has influenced cultural and political landscapes.  Directed by Prentice Penny and based on Jason Parham’s articles, ‘Black Twitter’ documents a decade and a half of posts and new stories to explore the digital community’s far-reaching social impact. The Heartbeat of a Community At its core, Black Twitter represents a dynamic ensemble of voices, each contributing to a larger narrative that resonates with humor and gravitas.  The series aims to highlight the platform’s ability to combine expressions of love with expressions of frustration, depicting its universal impact.

Fanbase, a social media platform used to monetize content creation, has reached $10 million through equity crowdfunding, setting the stage for a $17 million campaign.  Fanbase’s Crowdfunding campaigns The funding has reportedly marked founder Isaac Hayes III as the first Black man to accomplish this feat in a Regulation Crowdfunding campaign via StartEngine. Hayes created Fanbase to enable Black creators to cultivate their audiences and monetize their contributions effectively. According to a press release, Fanbase had raised over $10 million from three crowdfunding campaigns and 14,000 over investors via StartEngine. The company recently

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