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Kenya-based climate-tech startup Amini has raised $4 million in a seed funding round led by Salesforce Ventures and the Female Founders Fund. Solving Africa’s Environmental Data Gap Amini focuses on solving Africa’s environmental data gap through AI and satellite technology. Founded by Kate Kallot, Amini has developed a holistic solution. It utilizes AI and space technologies at scale to drive systemic change and promote economic inclusivity for farmers and supply chain resilience across Africa. By fixing Africa’s data gap, they want to make it a more prosperous, equitable, and safe

Albantsho, the first screenwriting tool created by African screenwriters for African screenwriters, has launched its first feature – The Scriptwriter. Albantsho Julie Ako and Nikita Mokgware from Nigeria and Botswana founded Albantsho in 2020. Their goal is to showcase the potential of African storytelling, foster authentic content representative of Africa, and empower creatives. With growing global investment in motion pictures in Africa, a higher demand is placed on authentic stories from diverse voices. Albantsho is a movement, and they’ve charged themselves with finding bold new narratives of Africa by Africans

Blockchain research and development lab Polytope Labs aims to transform Africans from consumers to creators in the blockchain space.  Founded by Nigerian engineers Seun Lanlege and David Salami, Polytope Labs’ first product is Hyperbridge, a cross-chain protocol designed to facilitate secure communication between blockchains. Africa’s Crypto Adoption and Consumption African countries have some of the highest rates of grassroots crypto adoption among everyday people. However, the continent has mostly been a consumer rather than a builder of blockchain technology.  Lanlege drew on his experience of helping to build the Ethereum and Polkadot networks to establish Polytope Labs with David

Waspito, a Cameroonian health startup, has secured a $2.5 million seed extension, helping its growth in Francophone African regions. Waspito Waspito is a health-focused social network that aims to integrate the whole health ecosystem into a single platform. Instead of building a platform involving pre-registration and booking consultation meetings, founder Jean Lobe Lobe opted for one where users could instantly connect with doctors. Lobe founded the startup in 2020, just before the COVID pandemic became a global health emergency, aiming to make healthcare accessible. “Going online to book an appointment

Nigerian venture capital firm Aduna Capital has announced the launch of a $20 million fund to invest in Northern Nigeria startups and Africa. Aduna Capital Aduna Capital is a registered investment advisor startup with a new wealth management advisor experience. The firm provides investment management services where clients can utilize discretion in managing their accounts. This includes advice with various asset classes, including equity, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, fixed-income instruments, and options. Specifically, the client grants the firm full power to direct, manage, and change the investment and reinvestment of

Shekel Mobility, a B2B marketplace and management system for auto dealers, has secured over $7 million in funding, comprising $3.2 million in equity and over $4 million in debt. Small and medium-scale dealerships comprise nearly 82% of the African car dealership market, according to Many of these dealers struggle with offering affordable prices for used cars due to insufficient financing options. In most sub-Saharan Africa, the figure for automotive transactions is less than 2%. Shekel Mobility aims to change that. Shekel Mobility Shekel Mobility empowers auto dealerships to realize

A Kenyan High Court has reportedly granted the Asset Recovery Agency’s (ARA) request to drop its final lawsuit against Flutterware, a Nigerian payment company. A Re-Run Of Flutterwave To Date Flutterwave was founded in 2016 and achieved unicorn status in 2021, leaving it valued at $3 billion by February 2022. This made the company the most valuable African startup before facing several allegations and reports of the CEO Olugbenga Agboola bullying and harassing staff. There were also allegations that Agboola illegally exploited assets, participated in financial impropriety, and operated without is giving old newspapers in Nigeria a digital home as it recaptures 18,627 days of lost Nigerian news. began its mission to recapture lost Nigerian history by digitizing old newspapers and making them accessible to everyone online in December 2020. Project leader Fu’ad Lawal told Rest of World that his biggest motivation came from life in the newsroom as a journalist, as he found it frustrating to write about a particular place but not find any information online. He and a group of friends, as a weekend

African mobile video network StarNews Mobile has secured $3 million in pre-Series A funding to empower African content creators to connect with their fanbase and make money. Notable Black French soccer players participated in the funding round, including Aurelien Tchouameni from Real Madrid CF, Jules Kounde from FC Barcelona, and Mike Maignan from AC Milan. Helping African creators monetize their content StarNews Mobile is a leading African media platform empowering content creators by providing opportunities to connect with their fanbase and monetize their content. It was founded in 2017 by

Clean energy company Husk Power Systems has raised $103 million in equity and debt to launch over 1,000 new solar minigrids, electrifying rural Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia communities.  Solar mini-grids Husk Power Systems Husk Power is the leading rural energy services company in weak-grid and off-grid communities in Africa and Asia. The company was founded in 2008 to provide reliable power to rural communities and businesses from renewable energy sources at affordable prices. The company does this through solar minigrids –  a set of small-scale electricity generators and energy

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