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FanDuel is hiring on POCIT Meet Akilah Hugine-Elmore, a sports enthusiast who found her dream job by merging her love for sports with her expertise in UX research. A former basketball and softball player and avid sports watcher, Akilah is now the UX Research Director at FanDuel, America’s #1 Sportsbook. In this interview, she tells POCIT how she turned her passions into a fulfilling career.   Introduce yourself and what you do at FanDuel.  My name is Akilah. I’ve worked at FanDuel since August 2021 and am on the UX research team.

Parham Aarabi, a University of Toronto researcher, has developed an AI tool, named PRE, that could change how e-commerce sites cater to users with color vision deficiencies. AI-Powered Solutions for Improved Web Navigation “Around 8% to 10% of the population has a type of color-blindness,” said Aarabi according to Texh Xplore. “I wanted to see how this might impact web navigation.” Aarabi’s AI model simulates the browsing behaviors of virtual users, tracking interactions like page pauses, cart additions, and responses to discounts.  The tool’s insights reveal that while colorful images typically attract users, those with color blindness respond differently, favoring monochrome imagery.  By

The Sims franchise, hair brand Dark & Lovely, and award-winning gaming content creator Danielle “Ebonix” Udogaranya have partnered to address the lack of diversity in gaming.  Introducing More Black Hairstyles In Sims Dark & Lovely, a leading hair color brand for Black women, is known for its products tailored to the specific beauty needs of Black women. Collaborating with The Sims 4 and Ugogaranya, they aim to enhance the representation of Black hairstyles within the game.  This effort is to empower Black gamers to express themselves more authentically in virtual spaces. “We are excited with this

Tennis star Venus Williams has brought her design talents to Palazzo, a generative AI-based interior design platform bridging the gap between design and personalization. The service, co-founded by Williams, Raffi Holzer, and Edward Lando, allows users to reimagine their living spaces with the help of advanced technology. Palazzo Palazzo introduces a new approach to interior design, blending the ease of technology with design expertise.  Users can upload photos of their rooms and, through a conversation with an AI chatbot, witness a convincing transformation of their space. Palazzo, currently in beta, holds vast

Lanny Smoot, a Disney Research Fellow and a Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development member, has been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.  This recognition marks him as the first Disney Imagineer to receive this honor and only the second individual from The Walt Disney Company to be inducted. Lanny Smoot Smoot’s induction into the Hall of Fame is a personal triumph and testament to his nearly three decades of relentless innovation and creativity at Disney. “I was honored and humbled at being inducted into the National Inventors

In recognition of this year’s Black History Month theme, African Americans and the Arts, we will explore the intersection of Black arts and tech throughout February. The origins of digital art can be traced back to ideologies present in the first half of the 20th century. While artists were keenly interested in innovations, the rich potential of modern technologies as tools in art only began to be explored as access increased in the 1950s and beyond. Digital art is a term used to describe art that is made or presented

This article was first published by Joseph Micheal on Medium. Getting started with product design is a bit difficult at the beginning, like any other profession. It demands your passion, commitment, and consistency. But once you get your foot in the door, you will start seeing things more clearly than ever. Obviously, you’ll need to keep yourself updated with the ever-evolving industry, but by then, you would have mastered the art of learning. What is Product Design? Product design is the process of identifying real people with real problems and

A new Black-led professional technology training program is coming to Charlotte as a boot camp in February 2024. Boot camps serve as an alternate pathway into tech careers, and focuses can range from software development and designing user experience to coding and cybersecurity. According to an analysis shared by the NAACP, less than 6% of participants in technology-focused boot camps are Black. Dark Mode is a company aiming to connect and train diverse talent in the tech industry. Lusenii Kromah, a Charlotte native, founded it. The UX Bootcamp They have announced their

As part of the Signature Series, the Kinfolk Foundation is placing four new Augmented Reality (AR) monuments throughout New York to celebrate Black culture and identity throughout the city. AR technology creates interactive, immersive, experimental experiences where our real, physical world is digitally augmented. The Kinfolk Foundation Kinfolk Foundation is a non-profit digital and educational platform that uses art and emerging technologies such as AR to re-center the stories and lives of African-American figures. This aims to highlight the contributions and success of communities of color, uprooting systems and reimagining

This article was first published by Owolabi Gbemisola Oluwatoyin on Medium. Starting a tech career can be challenging, and everyone makes mistakes along the way. However, recognising these mistakes and learning from them can help you succeed when starting. In this article, I will be discussing four mistakes I made in my early career and ways you can avoid them. 4 mistakes I made while starting a career in tech. 1) Making current situations or challenges discourage me : Any little challenges always discourage or get at me and I

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