July 10, 2024

World’s First Miss AI: Moroccan Virtual Influencer Kenza Layli

Kenza Layli

The world’s first artificial intelligence beauty pageant from has crowned its inaugural winner, Kenza Layli from Morocco.

The competition, organized by the World AI Creator Awards, showcased AI-generated models vying for the title of Miss AI. 

Layli, an AI-generated activist and influencer, won from a pool of over 1,500 contestants, winning a prize package worth over $13,000.

AI Influencer Kenza Layli

Layli, known for engaging content and activism, has over 193,000 Instagram followers. Her digital persona is dedicated to empowering women in Morocco and the Middle East. 

Her creator, Meriam Bessa from Casablaca, Morocco, utilized advanced AI technologies to generate her image, video, and audio content entirely from AI. 

“AI isn’t just a tool; it’s a transformative force that can disrupt industries, challenge norms, and create opportunities where none existed before,” Layli said in her acceptance speech.

Layli’s creators received $5,000 in cash, a mentorship program worth $3,000, and PR support valued at over $5,000. 

The Runners-Up: Lalina and Olivia C

The competition also saw entries from France and Portugal, with Lalina created in Paris and securing second place. With over 95,000 Instagram followers, her creator aimed to develop a realistic and artistically unique digital persona. 

Third place went to Olivia C from Portugal, an AI-generated travel influencer with over 10,000 followers.  Olivia C’s creator used Midjourney for imagery and refined it with Adobe AI. Her persona explores the world, blending AI creativity with real-world experiences.

A Controversial Shift in Beauty Standards

The Miss AI pageant has sparked a global debate on the implications of AI in beauty and social media. 

While the competition highlighted technological advancements and creative possibilities, it raised concerns about reinforcing unrealistic beauty standards and the potential displacement of human artists and influencers.

Judged by a panel including two AI models and two human experts, contestants were evaluated on realism, technology, and social influence.

Despite the controversies, the event succeeded in drawing attention to AI’s potential and challenges in redefining beauty and creativity.

“The awards are a fantastic mechanism to celebrate creator achievements, raise standards, and shape a positive future for the AI Creator economy,” said Will Monange, co-founder of Fanvue, in a statement to The Post.

Feature Image Credit: New York Post

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