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Wells Fargo & Co. is bracing for a crucial decision on whether a lawsuit concerning its mortgage denials to non-white applicants during the pandemic will attain class-action status, according to Bloomberg.  This lawsuit, consolidating several claims, could become a high-profile and costly case for the bank. Key Allegations And The Class Action Motion The plaintiffs allege that Wells Fargo’s credit-scoring algorithm unfairly impacted minority applicants.  They argue that all non-white applicants who applied for refinancing, home purchases, or home equity lines of credit from 2018 to 2022 were denied despite

internXL has announced a partnership with FYI (Focus Your Ideas), an AI-powered productivity app for creatives co-founded by and tech founder Sunil Reddy. The partnership aims to connect college talent, particularly from underrepresented communities, with career opportunities in the AI and prompt engineering industry. internXL and FYI Collaborate An initiative of Robert F. Smith’s Fund II Foundation, internXL is an AI-driven platform that matches top employers with skilled entry-level candidates. The platform’s s AI-generated recommendations consider the educational background, career aspirations, cognitive abilities, learning style, and personality to ensure a fair evaluation.

Crunchbase has announced the expansion of its Diversity Spotlight feature to include companies in Europe. This expansion will allow up to one million additional companies on Crunchbase to add Diversity Spotlight tags to their profiles, enhancing the visibility of diverse founders and investors across the continent. Crunchbase’s Diversity Spotlight Crunchbase introduced its Diversity Spotlight feature in 2020 to centralize and highlight data about companies with diverse leadership and the investors who fund them. This feature indicates diversity in an organization’s leadership team, including founders and CEOs for startups and managing has released a new collection of newspaper articles related to more than 183,000 enslaved people in the US. The collection is free to access and leverages an AI-powered search tool to provide millions of descendants of formerly enslaved individuals with unprecedented access to detailed historical records.   Never-before-seen records Ancestry’s “Articles of Enslavement” collection comprises approximately 38,000 newspaper articles dating from 1788 to 1867. Many of these original newspaper articles contain never-before-seen information about enslaved individuals and fill gaps in historical records where courthouse and community documents have been lost

Social media influencers with darker skin tones and curlier hair textures earn substantially less than their counterparts, according to research from SevenSix Agency, a UK-based talent-management firm. Influencer Pay Gap: The Impact Of Skin Tone And Hair Type The report, published on June 4, surveyed 300 influencers of varying ethnic backgrounds, including Arab, Black, East Asian, Latinx, South Asian, and Southeast Asian, alongside their white counterparts.  The findings show that influencers with a “deep dark” skin tone earn 44.63% less than those with a “light skin” tone.  This pay gap

Brand new Techish! In this episode, host Michael Berhane is joined by TechCrunch reporter Dominic-Madori Davis to break down: HBO’s Movie Pass, Movie Crash (0:35) Will Smith was never cancelled (7:05) Edward Blum’s anti-DEI lawsuit against Fearless Fund (10:50) Listen on Spotify or Apple podcast also. Watch On YouTube Extra Reading & Resources Fearless Fund: Appeals Court Rules Against Grants For Black Women [POCIT] Conservative Activists Behind Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Decision Sues VC Fund For WOC [POCIT]  Pre-Seed Round Investing For Black Founders. [Michael Berhane] Plus you can connect with Dom on social media

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has joined the board of SpreeAI, a new startup seeking to transform the shopping experience with AI. Founded and led by John Imah, SpreeAI lets each shopper become a model through its photorealistic try-on tool. SpreeAI SpreeAI allows shoppers to upload a single photo of themselves to see a photorealistic version of trying on outfits, with their size reportedly detected at a 99% accuracy rate. The product integrates into new and existing websites or mobile apps, offering retailers a hassle-free way to elevate user interaction and supercharge

Black Radiance has launched its first augmented reality app, Beyond Radiant, to offer an immersive diverse experience for women of color. Established in 1993, Black Radiance is a brand that amplifies Black voices and celebrates heritage and perspective worldwide and in the community. They are on trend with the latest technology and offer a diverse range of colors and tones that uplift unique ethnic shades. Beyond Radiant Beyond Radiant, now available in all app stores, stands at the intersection of augmented reality technology, beauty, and empowerment. Unlike traditional beauty apps

Food critic and TikToker Keith Lee, also known as “The People’s Champ,” has partnered with Microsoft to amplify Black restaurants further. Lee’s viral food reviews continue to highlight Black and African-American-owned restaurants, and he uses his platform to connect with worldwide food lovers. Striving to place community at the center of his partnership, he is teaming up with Microsoft to help restaurants future proof their businesses with their AI-powered tool Copilot. Lee Partners With Microsoft Lee has partnered with Microsoft to provide restaurateurs with AI tools to help their businesses

Global stock media platform pocstock has joined forces with Canva to bring diverse and inclusive visual content to the visual communication platform. pocstock pocstock is a global stock media platform that focuses on people of color. It is on a mission to change the way the world sees Black, Asian, Hispanic, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, and differently-abled people of color. Founded by Steve Jones and DeSean Brown, pocstock aims to help people of color change how they see themselves by ensuring everyone everywhere has access to positive, beautiful and authentic images of

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