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written by: Daphne Stanford   Paradigm Shift I: Tech & Sustainability In a recent article for The Conversation, Samuel Alexander argues that many of the technological conveniences we take for granted in the first world are potentially damaging, on a massive scale—that globalizing “Western-style affluence to the world’s expanding population would be catastrophic.” That is if each person on the planet had access to a personal computer and a smartphone, etc.—basically, the amount of energy consumed by the average person in the Western world—the planet would be doomed and headed for

I started programming 10 years ago this fall, and in many ways it’s shaped who I am today. But my future could have been totally different: I almost quit before I even started. My introduction to programming was a large “Intro to engineering” class of 200 undergrads at the University of Michigan. For the longest time, I thought I was the only one in my class who didn’t fully get it. I was so close to concluding that coding just wasn’t right for me. I’m so glad my 19-year-old self

written by Naomi Tene’ Austin   “Keep Austin Weird” is a fitting slogan for a city that embraces the eclectic.  Set against the backdrop of graffiti art in the Live Music Capital, the aura of the city is a magnet for creatives.This hipster haven has attracted a flourishing community of techies drawing industry giants like Apple, Facebook and Google.  An abundance of talent, relatively low housing costs, and absence of state income tax have nurtured a fertile ecosystem for tech startups in the Texas state capital city. This reality is

Since it made it’s debut back in 2007, the iPhone has been the world’s most recognizable smartphone. In fact, I’d argue that it redefined smartphones. Not only did it usher in a new era of more capable (and user-friendly) mobile applications but it also brought with it, as Apple would have you believe, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system — iOS. There’s an app for that Between our iPhones and iPads, both large and small, many of us use iOS on a daily basis. If you’ve spent time in

by Steve D. Amara (@amarast) Diversity is less discussed on the East side of the Atlantic, mainly because European countries approach the topic very differently from each other. Nonetheless, major tech hubs have seen some brilliant startups founded people of color, tackling a variety of issues from urban logistics in European capitals to financial inclusion in Emerging Markets. Below are some that really caught our attention. African Markets African Markets is a provider of information and data dedicated to African stock markets. A very comprehensive platform, launched by 30-year-old Cameroonian

background image: written by Zalyia L. Grillet (@ZGrilletCo) Let’s talk about the moments in your life where you’ve felt valued. Maybe it was your 16th birthday, or your high school graduation? Or the time you entered the Chipotle line and the server gave you extra guacamole for free? All of these moments have something in common: an experience that you truly valued. Now let’s talk about some of the experiences you have on a daily basis. We all use some form of transportation, and being able to find our destination

Camelback Ventures is an incubator for entrepreneurs of color in the higher education space. The Camelback Fellowship provides coaching, connections and capital to ensure that these ventures are investment-ready. I recently got a chance to sit down with Aaron to discuss Camelback Ventures and the Camelback-Lumina Challenge happening January 26th, 6pm EST at Wix Lounge, NYC. Hear from some of the top minds in the higher education space and RSVP (for free) here!   So the Lumina Foundation has partnered with organizations like The Economist for events in the past.

  People are always talking about how kids and students should learn to code. I agree, because coding is interesting and fun.  It allows you to make anything you want such as videogames, websites, robots, and so much more. I like making useful websites, applications, and games.  You can see most of my projects at Two of my favorite programming languages to use are PHP and C++. But here is what I think is the most important reason why kids should learn to code: So they can teach their

By Kendell Byrd   (@flylikeabyrd22) Two years ago, when I entered college, I thought I might like to study abroad. Throughout my life I have found that I am happiest when I am interacting with others. Upperclassmen had spoken so fondly of their time abroad, characterizing it as a highlight of their college experience. So the idea of learning about, collaborating with, and immersing myself in, a different culture with other college students truly excited me. During my sophomore year when I began to research study abroad opportunities, I found

My name is Aklil, a POCIT and associate on the Corporate Development & Strategy team at a tech company in Silicon Valley. I’m very lucky to be on a small team that supports senior executives on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) initiatives, from product strategy inception to company landscaping, deal execution, and post-acquisition integration; the other half of my job is helping advise senior executives on strategic initiatives. I was previously an investment banking analyst at a bulge bracket investment bank, where I helped advise private and public companies on a

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