January 10, 2024

This Founder’s Vision Board App Is Driving Tech Career Success And Economic Empowerment In The Black Community

Ida Byrd

Developer and entrepreneur Ida Byrd-Hill is the visionary behind the Life Culture Audit vision board app, helping the Black community set and achieve their career and finance goals.

The power of visualization

Ida Byrd-Hill knows firsthand how visualization can change your life.

In 2017, she founded the cybersecurity and tech re-skilling firm Automation Workz 4 U, later named Automation Workz Institute.

When investors refused to invest in her firm, Byrd-Hill decided to sell her Detroit residence, car, and retirement funds and enter voluntary poverty.

Four years later, Byrd-Hill has managed to provide tech training to over 100 people.

Byrd-Hill told Black News this was only possible through her phone screen saver’s 1-page Life Culture Audit vision board.

“I look at my phone 100 times a day. The vision board drives me to complete the mundane “little” tasks to achieve my goal. It keeps me “fabulous,”… In 2023, my goal was to double the revenue of Automation Workz and finance my vision,” Byrd-Hill said.

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Promoting positive mindsets and economic stability

Byrd-Hill created the app to embody the principles of unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith.

According to a Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies report, 75% of Black Americans would not be able to handle an unexpected expense of $1,000.

According to Black News, Byrd-Hill believes that economic stability comes with increased income and a positive mindset.

As such, the Life Culture Audit app aims to provide the principles needed to grow the spending power of Black communities.

It focuses on improving users’ daily lifestyle goals, emphasizing the power of visualization and what we attract.

Users document their goals and cement their reality with pictures of affluent lifestyles on a one-page vision board.

Ida Byrd-Hill

Through the vision board, users can reflect daily on their new life and gain the motivation to work towards their dreams.

Through the app, the team has discovered, motivated, coached, and transitioned front-liners into fulfilling tech careers in network engineering, Cybersecurity, software programming, and data analytics.

According to Automation Workz, in the past two years, their learner completion rate increased from 7.93% to 75%, with many of their learners having doubled or nearly doubled their salaries.

Their average annual placement salaries has now increased from $31,000 to $67,250.

Sara Keenan

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