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Tuskegee University recently announced a $20 million donation to enhance its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs and various campus facilities.  This gift, bestowed by an anonymous benefactor, marks the second $20 million gift in less than four years. Fostering a Dynamic Campus Community The donation’s generosity will facilitate the creation of faculty leadership positions and scholarships, helping to enhance the academic environment.  It will also improve student affairs and campus security staffing, contributing to a safer and more engaging student experience.  “This gift will allow us to invest in

Lafarge Africa Plc has recently launched the Girls in Tech Program to foster a new generation of female innovators.  The program seeks to diminish the gender disparities within the tech industry by focusing on empowering young women from host communities in Cross River State, Nigeria. Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech The Girls in Tech Program is designed to provide vital skills and opportunities to ten young women aged 18-25.  By introducing them to the technology world, Lafarge Africa aims to create an environment where these women can become self-reliant and influential problem-solvers within

The Folklore, a platform known for connecting global consumers with African brands and diasporic fashion, has secured a substantial $3.4 million seed funding.  This round was spearheaded by Benchstrength Ventures, with contributions from Techstars, Black Tech Nation Ventures, and Slauson and Co. Connecting brands with Major Retailers In 2022, Folklore underwent a transformation. Originally a shopping platform showcasing primarly African brands, it now aims to enhance how emerging brands integrate into the retail landscape.  “[Brands] would come to me for advice on how to expand their footprint, how to get a loan or how

Researchers are improving detection algorithms to make them fairer and more accurate by incorporating greater demographic diversity, according to The Conversation. Deepfakes, synthetic media in which a person’s likeness is replaced with someone else’s without consent, are rapidly advancing. From realistic representations of celebrities in compromising situations to false statements by political leaders, technology poses a significant threat to trust and truth in digital media.  As these manipulations become harder to detect, the want to develop tools to disprove them grows. Bias in Detection Algorithms Typically, deepfake detection systems rely

Dr. Dionne Mahaffey has developed an AI-powered platform, Behavioral Health Notes, to decrease the time mental health professionals spend recording notes. The Need For Efficiency in Mental Health Documentation The mental health sector has long faced challenges related to clinician burnout, increased by time-consuming administrative tasks.  According to a recent report by Accenture, using AI in healthcare could save up to $150 billion annually by 2026, mainly by reducing such inefficiencies. A solution was needed for mental health professionals, where documentation can extend into personal time. Introducing Behavioral Health Notes Dr. Mahaffey, a

Hispanic and Latine employees feel pressured to conform to mainstream office norms at the expense of their authentic selves and cultural heritage, a new study by Coqual has revealed. Hispanic and Latine professionals represent a rapidly growing demographic in the U.S. workforce, yet they continue to navigate several stereotypes, colorism, and cultural invisibility. The Coqual study used a mixed-method approach, including surveys, focus groups, and expert interviews, involving more than 2,300 full-time professionals across the United States. The pressure to assimilate Key findings indicate that 68% of Hispanic and Latine professionals with sponsors

TikTok rapper Dantreal Clark-Rainbolt, known by his stage name Trefuego, has been ordered to pay Sony Music Entertainment $802,997.23 in damages for using a copyrighted sample without permission. U.S. District Judge Mark T. Pittman delivered the ruling, saying the fine would teach him a six-figure “lesson” about “carefully selecting the materials included in his raps.” Trefuego’s Copyright Clash Trefuego’s track “90mh” became a viral sensation on TikTok, featured in over 155,000 videos and gaining more than 100 million streams on Spotify. Despite the song’s success and nearly $700,000 in earnings, the rapper’s victory was short-lived. 

NBA star Chris Paul has teamed up with Goalsetter, a Black women-owned fintech company founded by Tanya Van Court, promoting financial literacy among middle school students in Oakland, California. Addressing the Financial Literacy Gap Goalsetter’s recent study with Ivy League students revealed a gap in financial knowledge, with many failing to answer basic financial literacy questions correctly.  “Empowering our youth with the knowledge and tools to secure a financially sound future is not just a commitment, it’s a necessity,” Paul said in a press release sent to AFROTECH. “We owe

Intuit is hiring on POCIT. Petagae Butcher is a versatile force in the tech world, currently working as a Staff Technical Program Manager at Intuit.  Her introduction to technology started with a love of Super Nintendo in the 90s. She later graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Management Information Systems, initially majoring in Computer Programming, finding her niche bridging the technology and business worlds. Over her 18-year career, she’s garnered a wealth of experience, from software consulting to her current role at Intuit.  Born on

Two conservative operatives have been ordered to pay up to $1.25 million in restitution for their roles in targeting Black voters with robocalls during the 2020 election.  What Happened? The case, led by New York Attorney General Letitia James, concluded with Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman admitting to a scheme designed to prevent Black voters from using mail-in voting. The duo operated under a sham organization called Project 1599 and spread calls claiming that mail-in voting would lead to various enforcement agencies using personal data against voters. The robocalls propagated alarming falsehoods, suggesting that

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