September 14, 2021

Black TikTok Coder Creates iPhone Shortcut To Send Fake Tips To Texas Abortion Whistleblower Site

A Black Tiktok coder is going viral today after creating a code to oppose a Texas law banning women from having an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

The law, which has already received backlash from dozens of people in the state, relies on private citizens to sue anyone who helps a woman get an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

While some have protested or turned to social media to share their frustrations – Sean Black, known as “black_madness21” on the popular social media app, wrote a computer code that’s shaking things up.

The code was created to constantly input fake data into the Texas Right to Life organization’s Pro-Life Whistleblower website, which was created to take anonymous tips about potential lawbreakers.

According to an update video Sean published on Tiktok, the script uploaded 300 entries before the site blocked his IP address.

Despite the setback, The Texas Right to Life organization told USA Today in a statement that although its site has been bombarded, it is still operational.

Sean Black explaining how it works.

The group “completely anticipated this and were prepared for all the trolls coming to the website,” Kimberlyn Schwartz, the group’s director of media and communication, told the broadcaster.

How did Sean Black do it?

He created an iOS shortcut that Apple device users can download, and it automatically fills in the site’s form.

It picks a random Texas city, county, and zip code and fills in and submits the form, he explained to his fans via the TikTok video.

“Because it uses realistic information, it makes it harder for them to parse through the data,” he added.

Black told the Motherboard he was inspired by TikTok friend @victoriahammett who suggested submitting fake tips. He also said that he is “working on a solution” for the captcha “hurdle.”

How have people reacted?

Social media users love it; even the author and former radio DJ Tara Dublin retweeted and encouraged Twitter users to get on board and make “good trouble.”

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