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In a recent viral TikTok video, user Monte Washington challenged the narrow stereotype of “Black jobs” by showcasing the diverse and successful careers of Black professionals.  This video emerged as a response to controversial comments made by former President Trump during a presidential debate, where he claimed immigrants were taking jobs from Black and Hispanic people. “They’re taking Black jobs now, and it could be 18, it could be 19 and even 20 million people,” Trump said during his debate. This statement, perceived by many as racially charged, spurred a

Morgan Freeman recently addressed a viral TikTok video that misused his voice using artificial intelligence (AI).  The video, which garnered significant attention, was created by a user named “Justine’s Camera Roll” and was later reshared on X (formerly known as Twitter) by “JahelisWasHere.”  With 16.5 million views, the video falsely appeared to feature Freeman narrating a vacation clip.  Freeman, however, took to X to clarify that he had no involvement and labeled the video a “scam.” Viral AI Video Sparks Controversy The controversial TikTok video starts with what seems to

The founder of Canvas Beauty, Stormi Steele, says she has become the first creator to reach $1 million in sales from a live session on TikTok. Canvas Beauty Steele launched Canvas Beauty in 2018 and sold more than one million units in its first year before going viral on Facebook in 2019 with her Canvas Beauty’s hair blossom serum, according to AfroTech. Canvas Beauty then did $20 million in business in 2020, but by 2022, she was virtually broke even and almost losing the business. However, she bounced back in

Eight TikTok creators have filed a lawsuit against the US government over their new law that would force the sale or ban of the video app, owned by Chinese ByteDanceLTD. The Potential TikTok Ban So Far Joe Biden recently signed into law a bill that requires TikTok’s Chinese owner to sell the social media app’s US operations or face a ban, after the Senate passed the legislation. The bill gives TikTok’s Beijing-based parent, ByteDance, 270 days to sell the app’s US operations and if not, it will then face a

Artists including Drake, Rihanna, The Weeknd, and Kendrick Lamar are returning to TikTok, as the platform has reached a new agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG). UMG had recently begun pulling its music from TikTok after their old contract expired, and the two companies couldn’t reach an agreement in new negotiations. What Does The New Partnership Mean? The joint agreement aims to mark a new era of collaboration, built on a shared commitment to help UMG’s artists and songwriters achieve their creative and commercial potential. They are also working together to realize new monetization opportunities utilizing

TikTok rapper Dantreal Clark-Rainbolt, known by his stage name Trefuego, has been ordered to pay Sony Music Entertainment $802,997.23 in damages for using a copyrighted sample without permission. U.S. District Judge Mark T. Pittman delivered the ruling, saying the fine would teach him a six-figure “lesson” about “carefully selecting the materials included in his raps.” Trefuego’s Copyright Clash Trefuego’s track “90mh” became a viral sensation on TikTok, featured in over 155,000 videos and gaining more than 100 million streams on Spotify. Despite the song’s success and nearly $700,000 in earnings, the rapper’s victory was short-lived. 

More than 200 groups, including civil organizations, researchers, and journalists, have written to major tech company CEOs, urging them to take action to ensure truthful online content and safeguard democratic processes. The letter that went out to the CEOs of Discord, Google, Instagram, Meta, TikTok, X, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Snap, Rumble, and Twitch, coincides with upcoming elections in over 60 countries in 2024. The Impact Of Online Discourse On Democracy “Research illustrates that individual users can have an outsized impact on online discourse, which results in real-world harms, such as the rise of extremism and violent attempts to overthrow democratic

Nearly 60% of Black small- and mid-sized business (SMB) owners on TikTok say that the app is critical to their business’ existence, a new Oxford Economics report has found. TikTok’s Value For Small businesses  Oxford Economics, in collaboration with TikTok, sought to understand the app’s economic value for local communities across the US. It surveyed 1,050 SMBs and 7,500 users in 2023 to gauge interactions and benefits derived from the app. Small and medium businesses generated $14.7 billion in revenues and supported 224,000 jobs on TikTok supported 224,000 jobs, the

The potential ban of the social media platform TikTok following the U.S. government’s concern about national security implications could have an unfortunate effect on Black creators. The potential TikTok ban The U.S. government, concerned about national security implications linked to TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance, proposed a bill with a profound impact.  The Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act, a 12-page document, threatened to uproot TikTok from American soil unless ByteDance sold it. On Wednesday, March 13, the Republican-controlled House voted 352 to 65 on a bill requiring TikTok either be divested from

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