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Black Girls Code has partnered with RiseUp with ServiceNow to launch a three-year initiative redefining career paths within New York City’s workforce.  The collaboration was highlighted in a panel discussion featuring Cristina Jones, CEO of Black Girls Code, and Selina Suarez, Global Head of NextGen at ServiceNow. RiseUp with ServiceNow represents a global talent movement to train one million individuals on the ServiceNow Platform.  The primary focus is to uncover untapped talent in NYC, paving the way for professional and career development opportunities. Building the next generation of tech leaders Black Girls Code is partnering with ServiceNow to help

This article was first published by Ceora Ford on CodeSandbox. Tech is always changing and new languages and frameworks are always emerging. Here are 4 tips for staying sharp and keeping up with industry changes. It’s no secret that the tech industry is always changing. New frameworks are always emerging and new features are constantly being added to the languages and frameworks that already exist. This can be exciting but sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Some people work in environments that don’t welcome change. Not everyone’s team

This article was first published by Shannon Bentley on Medium. I started to learn how to code back in January 2022. It was the moment that I declared myself ready to transition from my interpersonal career of always caring for others’ needs from a healthcare and educational perspective. January was a significant change for the fact that I was taking on learning a skill that was entirely new to me. However, months later — I will be known to take a self-proclaimed sabbatical leave away from learning this skill. How

Alexis Williams is an engineering student using her coding skills to design a platform that makes it easier for the Black community to incorporate social justice into their everyday routines.   Alexis Williams founded PB-Resources in 2020 during the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests. Despite not knowing exactly what to do at the time, Williams decided to put her coding skills to use by building a platform in honor of George Floyd.  “I was itching to get involved but didn’t know how I could do anything impactful from my living

Black-owned telecommunications provider, Safaricom, has announced its partnership with the online learning platform, Kodris Africa, to promote coding study classes. The classes, which will be available for all to purchase through tokens on the M-PESA app, will provide children with a year’s worth of online coding classes, which users can activate on their tablets, laptop, or desktop computers.  The program, which the Kenyan government first approved in April 2022, will introduce a new syllabus in primary and secondary schools aimed at teaching children one of the most sought-after skills in

Tech giant Apple has celebrated the inauguration of the first class to graduate from their US Developer Academy program.  The program was launched as part of Apple’s $100 million Racial Equity and Justice scheme and is the first of its kind to take place in North America. The scheme has provided students with the necessary skills and knowledge to land some of the most prestigious jobs in the tech industry.   The Detroit-based academy offers members of the community a free program to teach them the fundamentals of coding, design, marketing, and

Code Black Tech is committed to helping the Black community become equipped, empowered, and connected in order to enter the tech sector and thrive. Hun They hope to ensure all participants of its program are equipped for their professional role, empowered to become thought leaders and become connected to us and other supportive communities. The Code Black Tech course is delivered through joint instruction from Code Black community members and Metropolitan Community College Department of Information Technology faculty members. Students enrolled in this course will build their confidence in a

Software engineer Amina has created a digital resource booklet to help parents and their children learn to code. The document, which can easily be found online, consists of a whole bunch of information, including the seven coding tips parents need to know and why guardians must educate their kids on the importance of tech and coding. Amina has said: “Coding was a huge learning curve for me, and there’s so much information out there. I recently put together a beginner-friendly document with a breakdown of what my job looks like, what software

Singer-songwriter Mariah Carey has teamed up with cryptocurrency platform Gemini to inspire more women to get into investing. The app founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss helps people buy, sell, and store their bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The star will be gifting fans $20 in the form of bitcoin when users sign up with the code “MARIAH.” A portion of the trades will be allocated toward Black Girls CODE, a nonprofit on a mission to train one million Black girls on coding to increase their involvement in the digital arena by 2040. “It’s

Black women in tech are rallying together on social media to support a new campaign launched by OlaySkin and Joy Buolamwini to get more Black girls into coding camps. To combat hidden bias in beauty algorithms, Olay launched the scheme on Monday to coincide with National Coding Week. It has an ambitious but achievable mission to help send at least 1,000 young women of color to code camp next summer through a partnership with Black Girls CODE. As part of its #DecodetheBias campaign, which includes national TV spots and print

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