January 12, 2022

Young Black People Are Leaving Tech Because Of Bad Culture – Study

More than half of young people in the tech industry are reportedly either leaving or thinking of leaving the industry because of the poor corporate culture, according to a new study.

This isn’t necessarily something new as we’ve read countless of studies that have stated the same thing in the past.

But what is increasingly worrying is the number of minorities that want to leave their jobs because they feel “uncomfortable” at work or they haven’t had the best experiences.

According to the Talent and skills provider Mthree study, young Black people are 57% less likely to have a completely positive experience at work than their white-counterparts.

When it comes to young people wanting to leave the industry – it’s not the fact that they don’t like the job itself because almost 44% of those interviewed said they enjoyed the work they were doing in their role, and 38% found it interesting.

But 71% of young people in the tech industry say that their gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background, or neurodiversity made them “uncomfortable” at work.

These experiences could make people leave the industry or decide not to get into it entirely.

A lack of IT diversity is another huge factor that often prevents people from seeking a career in the field, as they cannot see other people like them.

In 2020 it was reported that females made up 17% of IT specialists in the UK, according to BCS figures..

About 8% of IT specialists were Indians, 2% were Black Africans, Caribbeans, or Black British, and 2% were Pakistanis or Bangladeshis

Becs Roycroft, Senior Director of Global Emerging Talent and Reskill Operations at Mthree, said: I also had to endure some negative experiences along the way.

“When it comes to attracting and retaining talent, corporate culture is very important and it can be difficult to achieve a truly comprehensive environment. Companies really talk about young employees in all departments.

“You need to listen and make sure you meet your needs, otherwise you will have a hard time maintaining and improving your team’s diversity over the long term. “

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Abbianca Makoni

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