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The Business of Tech’s Diversity report has revealed that diversity in IT leadership still has a long way to go.  What is The Business of Tech’s report all about?  The report, created by Dave Sobel, examines diversity development in tech leadership. Sobel, the host of The Business of Tech podcast, is a leading expert in delivering technology services. Through his podcast, Sobel discusses uncomfortable topics associated with tech and business – one of which is diversity.  “We love metrics in our industry. We have data and statistics and performance numbers

More than half of young people in the tech industry are reportedly either leaving or thinking of leaving the industry because of the poor corporate culture, according to a new study. This isn’t necessarily something new as we’ve read countless of studies that have stated the same thing in the past. But what is increasingly worrying is the number of minorities that want to leave their jobs because they feel “uncomfortable” at work or they haven’t had the best experiences. According to the Talent and skills provider Mthree study, young

How did you start, or what made you decide to work in tech? I was 7 and my mom got our first computer, and she was showing me the stuff she did at work because she was in combat plans at the Air Force so she used to have to use Basic to do stuff. When we moved to Alaska, the people at my school knew I liked computers and I was in the gifted program, so they said, “Here, we’re going to send you off to this thing down