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Elon Musk’s SpaceX designs, manufactures, and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft, and has recently hired a 14-year-old, Kairan Quazi. Quazi is set to become the youngest person to graduate from Santa Clara University and has been employed as a software engineer for the company’s Starlink division. Starlink is a network of satellites that promises to provide high-speed, low-cost internet access across the globe. Business Insider reported that after studying computer science and engineering at 11, the young teenager passed the technically challenging interview process for Musk’s company. Too Young For

More than half of young people in the tech industry are reportedly either leaving or thinking of leaving the industry because of the poor corporate culture, according to a new study. This isn’t necessarily something new as we’ve read countless of studies that have stated the same thing in the past. But what is increasingly worrying is the number of minorities that want to leave their jobs because they feel “uncomfortable” at work or they haven’t had the best experiences. According to the Talent and skills provider Mthree study, young