October 24, 2019

Where Black Female Founders Can Find Funding, Resources, and More

Arlan Hamilton — founder and managing partner at Backstage Capital — summarized best why investing in Black Female Founders (BFF) isn’t just important, but could produce high yields:

“Less than 0.2 percent of all early-stage venture funding goes to Black women, while we make up approximately 8 per cent of the U.S. population and are one of the fastest-growing entrepreneur segments in the country,” Arlan wrote. “It is my firm belief that because Black women have had to make do with far less for centuries, equipping them with early-stage capital that is on par with their white male counterparts has the potential to lead to outsized returns.”

To help bridge this gap in funding, I’ve put together this reference guide for Black Female Founders to provide context, references, and links to resources on the following topics:

  1. BFF activity
  2. BFF VCs
  3. BFF angel groups
  4. BFF startups to watch
  5. BFF incubators and accelerators
  6. BFF co-working spaces
  7. BFF communities
  8. BFF tech media and podcasts
  9. BFF events and conferences
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Lolita Taub

Lolita Taub is the Chief of Staff at Catalyte. She is also currently a Venture Partner at NextGen Ventures, an LP at Portfolia’s Enterprise Fund and a former VC at Backstage Capital and K Fund

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