January 23, 2024

Latimer Ventures Launches Accelerator For Black And Latine SaaS Founders: Meet The Inaugural Cohort

Luke Cooper

Latimer Ventures has announced plans for a mini-accelerator, Latimer House, for Black and Latinx founders to strengthen businesses, attract investment, and build a network.

In honor of Lewis Latimer, Luke Cooper founded Latimer Ventures in 2022. 

The venture capital firm is focused on helping the next generation of Black and Hispanic enterprise SaaS unicorns.

Latimer House

Latimer House is an 8-week intensive program for Black and Latinx founders, aiming to help them get to their next growth stage, whether that’s funding or their first enterprise customer.

The program also aims to help founders gain foundational and advanced entrepreneurial skills and network with industry professionals.

“Over eight intensive weeks, we cover foundational principles (vision, mission, values) to advanced concepts (corporate development, M&A),” Cooper wrote on LinkedIn.

“Our program combines hands-on exercises, practical sessions, and case studies, emphasizing thinking big while executing pragmatically.”

The flagship program, led by newly appointed program manager Juwan Platt, will be a hybrid program with an in-person program kickoff in Baltimore.

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Meet The Cohort

Cooper announced the program’s first cohort, which includes six founders from the US.

They aim to review their vision and mission while focusing on corporate development, mergers, and acquisitions.

The cohort includes Deshorn King, founder of Freight solutions company LogisX, 2023 Techstars DC participant Eduardo Cabrera CastilloTamara Brown, founder of Personal Injury Collective, and Javier Evelyn, founder of Alerje.

Advanced Tech Solutions, founded by Crea Moore and Ashley Williams, CEO and Founder of RIZZARR, are also part of the first cohort.

Latimer House is still actively accepting applications on a rolling basis.

Sara Keenan

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