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Latimer Ventures has announced plans for a mini-accelerator, Latimer House, for Black and Latinx founders to strengthen businesses, attract investment, and build a network. In honor of Lewis Latimer, Luke Cooper founded Latimer Ventures in 2022.  The venture capital firm is focused on helping the next generation of Black and Hispanic enterprise SaaS unicorns. Latimer House Latimer House is an 8-week intensive program for Black and Latinx founders, aiming to help them get to their next growth stage, whether that’s funding or their first enterprise customer. The program also aims to help founders gain

Black tech entrepreneur Luke Cooper aims to raise $50 million by November for his Baltimore-based venture capital firm, Latimer Ventures. Latimer Ventures Latimer Ventures, named in honor of Lewis Latimer, an African American inventor born to fugitive slaves, is a venture capital firm focused on helping the next generation of Black and Hispanic enterprise SaaS unicorns. They source the best seed deals from diverse managers and connect them with tech startups. Cooper founded Latimer Ventures in 2022 to address the lack of capital available to entrepreneurs of color. He plans to

Black entrepreneur Luke Cooper is redefining the meaning of success. In a recent interview, the Baltimore entrepreneur opened up about his rollercoaster journey into the tech industry, which unexpectedly saw him generate tremendous success.  Who is Luke Cooper?  Luke Cooper, a partner at Preface Ventures and founder of Latimer, describes himself as an ‘intentional entrepreneur.’ Cooper has a proven track record of growing sales and closing multiple $50 million exists while supporting women and BIPOC founders.    The Baltimore entrepreneur is also a father of two with a deep passion for making the world a