December 20, 2021

Cambridge-Based VC Unveils The Deeptech Startups It’s Backing Next

Cambridge-based post-seed accelerator Deeptech Labs has announced its autumn deeptech startup cohort.

The VC fund and accelerator program was founded in 2020 and it aims to support deeptech entrepreneurs in their journey from prototype and proof of concept stage to offering scalable products and services.

It also connects startups to its network of deeptech investors.

Here’s the list of minority founders that got into the accelerator:

Circuit Mind

Founded in 2018 by Tomide Adesanmi, Circuit Mind’s platform uses AI to enable electronic engineering teams to automatically generate and redesign their component selection. It also lets them maintain and optimize it.

They can use schematics and layouts, with the company claiming this results in fewer errors.


Founded by Hao Zheng and Liangchuan Gu in 2019.

RoboK is working on an AI-based 3D computer vision algorithm, which is said to be optimized for low-power computing platforms. As per the company, it could be used in vehicles, cameras and low-power compute platforms. It offers detection and edge tracking, depth estimate, localization, and more.

Salience Labs

Vaysh Kewada founded Salience labs last year.

Salience Labs has most of its work under wraps for now. However, its been reported that the startup is developing a “next-generation” computer chip for AI applications.

The startup uses photonics (light) on a chip, which is said to gain a significant boost in performance over silicon chips.

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