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India had eight unicorns in 2018, nine in 2019, and 11 in 2020. Last year, the country celebrated 42. Similarly, it took China five years to reach five unicorns between 2010 and 2015, but then saw 21 unicorns in 2016 – and 91 unicorns in 2019. While Latin America has followed a similar trajectory, raising $14.8 billion in 2021 – more than it had raised between 2014-2020 combined – and minting nine of the region’s 17 unicorns. Now Africa, once a continent that was lagging behind in the investment race, is reportedly seeing $1

Amira Virgil, also known XMiramira, has spent years developing realistic skin tones and custom content for Black Simmers. But she was properly refinished for her work back in 2020 when she was named one of Vice’s Humans Of The Year. Virgil played games in The Sims franchise for two decades, starting with console games like The Urbz and The Sims: Bustin’ Out, before playing The Sims 3, according to the outlet. But it became increasingly frustrating for her when she couldn’t pick characters that looked like her. And she wasn’t

The lack of diversity in the tech world continues to garner headlines and raise questions about the lack of gender representation in the tech workforce. For Latina engineers, the path to success continues to be an uphill battle. Here’s a list of Latina engineers that need to be celebrated Scarlin Hernandez Hernandez is an aerospace engineer working on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.  As a spacecraft engineer, an important part of her work is to test the ground systems that will command and control the telescope after it has been

Internal documents, obtained by the Brennan Center for Justice through public records requests,  show that a Polish tech firm with no law enforcement experience helped the LAPD collect tens of thousands of tweets related to Black Lives Matter and racial justice protests. Why? Well, we aren’t sure why the force felt it necessary to track the tweets or why it used an external firm based miles away. But according to recent media reports – the department conducted a one-month trial of social media monitoring software from Edge NPD. This company typically

Black Enterprise — one of the US’ leading Black digital media brands, with more than 8 million monthly unique visitors—will present its inaugural Sisters Inc. Summit on December 7. The event will feature some of the most influential and dynamic business owners. They will feature in a candid conversation with each other—and the corporations and investors who support them. Whether you consider yourself a founder, a CEO, a boss, or a side-hustler, SistersInc. is said to represent “a unique and valuable opportunity to connect to a powerful sisterhood of success to share resources,

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