December 8, 2021

Black Enterprise Is Set To Present Inaugural Virtual Event For Black Female Startup Founders

Black Enterprise  one of the US’ leading Black digital media brands, with more than 8 million monthly unique visitors—will present its inaugural Sisters Inc. Summit on December 7.

The event will feature some of the most influential and dynamic business owners. They will feature in a candid conversation with each other—and the corporations and investors who support them.

Whether you consider yourself a founder, a CEO, a boss, or a side-hustler, SistersInc. is said to represent “a unique and valuable opportunity to connect to a powerful sisterhood of success to share resources, tackle common challenges, learn from each other, and grow together.”

Confirmed speakers for the SistersInc. Summit include Resilia Founder and CEO Sevetri Wilson, BCSWIRL, Inc. CEO Barbara Clarke Ruiz; Sassy Jones CEO and Chief Designer Charis Jones and Slutty Vegan ATL CEO Pinky Cole.

Sponsors of the Black Enterprise SistersInc. Summit includes McDonald’s and Nationwide.

“For years, SistersInc. has existed as standing-room-only sessions at our annual Entrepreneurs and Women of Power Summits, and more recently, under the banner of our award-winning podcast for and about women entrepreneurs,” says Black Enterprise Executive Managing Editor Alisa Gumbs.

“To say that the SistersInc. Summit is happening by popular demand is an understatement—we’re finally giving the ladies what they’ve consistently shown they value and want,” she added.

Registering for the SistersInc. Summit will enable attendees to:

Gain insights on how Black women angels and VCs fill funding gaps for Black women-owned businesses

Learn how to secure eCommerce and retail distribution deals for your product

Understand how to leverage the power of Black-women networks for impactful mentorship

Make a business work in with your “BFF” or “bae” as partner and co-owner

Strategies to successfully scale past the million-dollar revenue barrier

Learn how to do well while doing good works through social entrepreneurship

For complimentary registration and more information about sessions and speakers, visit

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Abbianca Makoni

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