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Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free’s pgLang – a multidisciplinary creative services company specializing in music and visual media production – is moving into the tech space. pgLang, short for program language, was founded by Kamar and Free in March 2020, who has partnered with tech company Light to launch the limited-release Light Phone II. The Light Phone II The Light Phone II is an unlocked, 4G LTE mobile phone with a few essential tools aimed to be a less-distracting alternative to the modern cell phone. It is billed to be

Is there anything the Grammy-award-winning musician can’t do?  After releasing his fifth studio album, Kendrick Lamar is moving into new territory with billionaire investor Ray Dalio and comedian ExavierTV to discuss all things money as a part of Cash App’s ongoing “That’s Money” campaign.  Popular finance app, CashApp, announced the launch of its new commercial on its YouTube channel. According to the clip, EXavier saved up money to open his franchise but lost it all due to gambling. Kendrick asks for Dalio’s opinion on the situation, and he explains exactly where he