January 28, 2022

YouTube Announces 135 Creators Including Tech Leaders In Its 2022 Black Voices Fund

The cohort includes 35 US creators who will get funding, training, and other resources through the program. The fund provides one year of support, including seed funding for channels, development programs, workshops, and networking opportunities.

“Black creators have played an important role in shaping the culture on YouTube. From fashion and comedy to politics, learning, and wellness, Black creators have propelled our platform forward,” the company said in the announcement.

A total of 26 African YouTube creators, including 10 Nigerian creators, were also picked. They were chosen to join a global cohort of 135 from around the world. The list of Africans was dominated by South African content creators with 12, followed by Nigeria with 10 and Kenya with 4.

One of the lucky content creators, Fisayo Fosudo from Nigeria, who has a background in economics and communication, uses his channel, under his own name, to analyze trends and developments in the technology space while showing his viewers how they can benefit from these trends.

While Kenyan creator Justus Nandwa, who hosts the popular online series Shared Moments with Justus, puts a human face to issues faced by ordinary African men and women by telling inspiring and life-changing stories that encourage his audience to make the best out of life.

We’ll keep updating this article with a more in-depth analysis on who exactly got picked and what it is they do.

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Abbianca Makoni

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