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Lafarge Africa Plc has recently launched the Girls in Tech Program to foster a new generation of female innovators.  The program seeks to diminish the gender disparities within the tech industry by focusing on empowering young women from host communities in Cross River State, Nigeria. Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech The Girls in Tech Program is designed to provide vital skills and opportunities to ten young women aged 18-25.  By introducing them to the technology world, Lafarge Africa aims to create an environment where these women can become self-reliant and influential problem-solvers within

Meta Platforms Incorporated recently announced that it will enable content creators in Nigeria and Kenya to monetize their content on Instagram and Facebook starting June 2024. Monetizing Instagram Content Spearheaded by Nick Clegg, President of Global Affairs at Meta, this initiative aligns with the growing recognition of Africa’s digital potential. Meta will introduce a feature on its Instagram app in June, allowing Nigerian creators to monetize their content and earn a living using it. Creators can run ads in-stream and engage with an international audience.  “Nigerian creators have global reach,” Nick Clegg, the company’s President of

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Kai Cenat has recently committed to building a school in Lagos, Nigeria. Cenat Visits Nigeria Cenat recently visited the Makoko Children Development Foundation School and Orphanage in Lagos, where he saw the dire conditions of the students and staff. Documented on his YouTube channel, the visit highlighted the school’s sinking building, limited space, and the struggle to provide a learning environment for its 385 students. The 23-year-old principal’s plea for help to rebuild and expand the school resonated deeply with Cenat.  “First of all, I want to say it’s

Leading Nigerian tech company SkillPaddy has collaborated with ethical business bank Unity Bank Plc to train 1,000 female software engineers through their new “Count Her In Tech’ program. The partnership seeks to boost women’s participation in the tech industry where they comprise only 33% of the global workforce. The Count Her In Program The “Count Her In Tech’ program aligns with the 2024 International Women’s Day theme, #InspireInclusion, which celebrates women who advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. “As a bank committed to fostering economic empowerment and gender equality, we are proud

Nigeria, Africa’s top cryptocurrency market, is in a major dispute with Binance, one of the biggest names in the crypto world.  Nigeria’s government has intensified its crackdown on unregulated crypto activities, resulting in a serious impasse following escalating tensions between Binance and the government. Binance is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Nigeria cracks down on crypto Nigeria is currently grappling with a debilitating economic crisis, with inflation soaring to nearly 30%. The Nigerian government has turned its attention to cryptocurrency in an attempt to stabilize its currency, the naira (NGN). The

Uber Technologies Inc. is set to invest in Nigerian startup Moove in a funding round that could reach up to $100 million, Bloomberg reports. Moove Founded in Lagos in 2020 by British-born Nigerian entrepreneurs Ladi Delano and Jide Odunsi, Moove has expanded its reach beyond its origins. The duo’s aim is to build the world’s largest integrated vehicle financing platform for mobility entrepreneurs. With its headquarters in Amsterdam, the company now operates across Africa, the UK, the UAE, and India.  Moove’s innovative business model revolves around a unique credit-scoring system,

Renowned Haitian rapper and investor Wyclef Jean has partnered with Caribbean International Commerce (CICH) to establish a technology and infrastructure hub in Nigeria. The initiative is set to catalyze economic empowerment, sustainability, and technological innovation in the North of Nigeria. The Partnership This partnership aims to create a symphony of innovation, combining state-of-the-art music and movie studios with a commitment to eco-friendly practices and equitable wealth distribution in commodity markets.  After securing over 4,000 hectares in Plateau State for the development of this hub, Jean and CICH aim to have

The Rector Cares Foundation has launched Nkuzi STEM, a pioneering program creating pathways for young people across Nigeria aged 15-20 to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). “The lack of diversity in technology not only limits the industry’s potential but also perpetuates inequality,”  said Rector Cares Foundations founder Onyedikachi Erete. “Nkuzi STEM seeks to break down those barriers and create a tech landscape that reflects the richness of our society.” Improving lives for Nigerians The Rector Cares Foundation, a non-governmental organization focused on empowering communities in Nigeria with

Blockchain research and development lab Polytope Labs aims to transform Africans from consumers to creators in the blockchain space.  Founded by Nigerian engineers Seun Lanlege and David Salami, Polytope Labs’ first product is Hyperbridge, a cross-chain protocol designed to facilitate secure communication between blockchains. Africa’s Crypto Adoption and Consumption African countries have some of the highest rates of grassroots crypto adoption among everyday people. However, the continent has mostly been a consumer rather than a builder of blockchain technology.  Lanlege drew on his experience of helping to build the Ethereum and Polkadot networks to establish Polytope Labs with David

Nigerian venture capital firm Aduna Capital has announced the launch of a $20 million fund to invest in Northern Nigeria startups and Africa. Aduna Capital Aduna Capital is a registered investment advisor startup with a new wealth management advisor experience. The firm provides investment management services where clients can utilize discretion in managing their accounts. This includes advice with various asset classes, including equity, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, fixed-income instruments, and options. Specifically, the client grants the firm full power to direct, manage, and change the investment and reinvestment of

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