November 23, 2021

Triller Launches Program to Pay $4K A Month in Cash and Equity to Black Creators

The popular app, known for its collaborations with the VERZUZ brand, has launched a funding program that will provide Black creators $2,000 in cash and $2,000 in company equity per month on the app.

The contracts with the creators begin on January 1, and participants are required to sign a one-year contract with the app to qualify for the payments.

The program is called the Triller Assembly for Black Creators. It aims to empower Black creators and talent to deepen the pipeline of Black-owned content across entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, and sports.

“Triller and our partners are supporting Black creators as a way to deepen the pipeline of Black-created content and to ensure that Black creators have a seat at the table in the digital advertising revolution,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO of TrillerNet, the parent company of all the brands under the umbrella, in a press release statement. 

“The market opportunity for brands and advertising to tap into some of the most dynamic and culture-setting creative talents is massive, and the brands that lean furthest into the Black creator economy will be the winners.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the financial pledge to creators, totaling $14 million, is believed to be the largest ever one-time commitment of capital to Black creators.

Marco Hall, a boxer and creator with 7.3 million followers on TikTok who will be participating in the one-year contract, told HR: “Learning about finances and stuff like that is a great thing because the Black community, we never had that coming up…Most definitely, I didn’t know anything about finances until I got older. Financial literacy and Triller has been … a great door-opening way for the Black community to thrive more.”

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Abbianca Makoni

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