January 27, 2022

Savage x Fenty Launches AR-Powered Fitting Technology At Its Inaugural Store

As it prepares to open its first-ever retail locations, lingerie brand Savage X Fenty said its inaugural store in Las Vegas would feature augmented reality (AR) technology from apparel matching platform Fit: Match.

Fit: Match. is designed to use body scans from Apple devices equipped with lidar to analyze shoppers’ body shape data and find their personal “fit twin” from the unique database created for each retailer.

This twin is based on the shape profile of an actual person and functions as the shopper’s fit model. Fit: Match then recommends the sizes and styles that have been proven to fit the twin best.

Savage X Fenty is already known for size inclusivity, offering bra sizes from 32 to 46 in bands and A to H in cups, as well as underwear and sleepwear from XS to 3X.

“We wanted to be able to connect with our customers in real life and give them something they have never seen before,” Rihanna shared in a statement.

“Creating the space took a lot of imagination, married with things I’ve always wanted to change about my own experiences as a customer, from mannequins to the Fit Xperience, to customer service. We are so happy with the outcome, and now I can’t wait for people to see it.”

While Christiane Pendarvis and Natalie Guzman, Co-Presidents of Savage x Fenty, said they were extremely pleased to partner with FIT: MATCH to lead innovation in the shopping experience and eliminate the fit question for our Savage x Fenty customers, so they can shop for and wear our product with absolute confidence.

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