November 16, 2021

Online Communities Every Engineer And Web Developer Of Color Should Sign Up To

To succeed – you need the right tools, and people of color trailblazing in the tech and engineering space are giving back to their communities by creating initiatives to help further propel those looking to step foot into the sector.

One such techie is Asia Sharif,  a self-taught Junior Software Engineer, Blockchain Developer, and Co-Founder of TechNewbies, an educational technology platform.

From a non-technical background, she went into technology in January 2021 as she’s always been fascinated by the world, particularly technology and its implications for the future.

Ms. Sharif decided to take the leap earlier this year and become a software engineer. She spent late 2020 networking with developers on LinkedIn and networking with Xuntos’ CEO, Ola.

He instilled confidence in her; She was able to apply to the SKY Software Engineering Academy, which was tailored to get more women into tech.

In other words – mentorship and work experience played a huge part in where she is now.

Here’s a list of online communities you can join for free that offer mentorship, work experience or free resources

Black Valley

 “Black Valley is a global community dedicated to increasing equity in tech by fostering an environment where talents from a black ethnic background can thrive.”

Code First Girls: 

“Code First Girls is a Not for Profit Social Enterprise that trains women in IT skills and helps companies develop more female‑friendly recruitment policies.”

Tech Newbies:

A platform for those still very new in the tech industry looking for guidance.

Black Girls In Tech: 

A community for and by black women in tech to network, educate & celebrate each other”

Coding Black Females: 

“Growing, Educating and Supporting the community of Black Women & Non-Binary People in Tech.”


A community of people that love tech, from a variety of industries that are always looking to support and help others.”


Toptal is an elite network of thousands of remote freelance developers from over 100 countries. It has a resources page with hiring guides, interview questions, and example job descriptions for a wide variety of languages.

Abbianca Makoni

Abbianca Makoni is a content executive and writer at POCIT! She has years of experience reporting on critical issues affecting diverse communities around the globe.

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