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Brennan Nevada Inc., reportedly New York’s only Black woman-owned PR and media agency for tech companies, has partnered with SoLo, the US’s largest Black-owned personal finance company.  Building Brennan Nevada Inc Founded by Brennan Nevada Johnson in 2021, the agency has quickly established itself as a formidable force in the industry.  Johnson, a descendant of Carter G. Woodson, the founder of Black History Month, channels her heritage into her work, emphasizing the promotion of Black and BIPOC stories in the tech world. Johnson’s background in journalism and experience in a

As Black History Month unfolds, is offering a Civil Rights Black Power Timeline to showcase significant developments in the Black Freedom Struggle from 1905 to 1975. Founded on February 1, 2007, BlackPast offers in-depth reference information about people of African ancestry in the United States and worldwide.  Now, it marks its 17th anniversary amidst growing acclaim, having welcomed nearly 60 million visitors since its inception.  Celebrating the Civil Rights Movement: 1905-1975 This year, BlackPast shines a spotlight on the 20th-century Civil Rights Movement, covering the period from 1905 to

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has announced his partnership with Nike, becoming the first streamer to forge such a connection with the global sportswear brand. Meet Kai Cenat Cenat is a 22-year-old American content creator who streams on Twitch and posts videos to YouTube. He shared his first video on his main YouTube channel in 2018, and the channel now has nearly 5 million followers. Since then, he has grown his audience across two different YouTube accounts and his Twitch channel, now with 9 million followers. Cenat has also won Streamer

South Africa is poised to make a significant move in the global digital economy by introducing digital nomad visas.  These visas are aimed at attracting highly skilled professionals, particularly in the IT sector.  The initiative, published by the Department of Home Affairs, aligns with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s vision of enhancing the country’s competitiveness and job creation. The Digital Nomad Visas The proposed digital nomad visas will allow remote workers, especially those employed by foreign companies, to live and work in South Africa.  This move is expected to attract a number

Beta Boom, a US-based venture capital firm, has announced the closure of its $14.5 million Fund II.  Founded in 2017 by Kimmy and Sergio Paluch, Beta Boom is committed to bridging the funding gap experienced by underrepresented founders, particularly in areas beyond the major tech hubs. Beta Boom’s Fund II Beta Boom’s Fund II, raised by the duo, alongside Ally Bank, Melinda French Gates’ Pivotal Ventures, and Bank of America, signifies a pivotal shift in the venture capital landscape.  The fund aims to support early-stage startups that cater to the

Canada’s Minister of Small Business has marked Black History Month by announcing the launch of a new ecosystem mapping tool for Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. BEKH’s Mapping Tool The Black Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (BEKH) is developing a tool to provide data and insight to help ensure Black entrepreneurs have the support needed to start and scale their businesses. Minister Rechie Valdez – the first Filipino Canadian woman and second Filipino Canadian to be elected as a Member of Parliament in Canada – said the new ecosystem mapping tool is expected to be fully operational early

Ethiopia has announced plans to ban the importation of fuel-powered vehicles, shifting its focus exclusively to electric vehicles (EVs).  Alemu Sime, the Ethiopian Minister of Transport and Logistics, announced the bold move as part of the country’s comprehensive green mobility strategy. Electric Vehicles Only According to Sime, Ethiopia spent €6 billion ($7.6 billion) on petrol and diesel imports in 2023. Additionally, pollution levels in city centers due to cars are reportedly off the charts. Now, the government has decided to allow only EVs into the country by banning gasoline and diesel-powered

Black-owned, Philadelphia-based Win Win Coffee has launched a transformative technology platform to connect coffee farmers directly with buyers, creating a more ethical and streamlined process. Co-founded by Nikisha Bailey and Matthew Nam, Win Win Coffee has the vision to lead a coffee industry renaissance where every sip is a journey through the diverse narratives of the African diaspora. After Win Win Coffee was forced to close in 2020 due to pandemic restrictions, Bailey and Nam decided to source and produce their own brand of coffee. This gave them a look into the process of producing

Black Americans consume more media than any other US population, but almost 70% wish they saw better representation, a Nielsen report has found. Black Audiences Consume The Most Media Nielsen’s “The Global Black Audience” report highlights Black America’s significant engagement with media and their perspective on representation in content and advertising. Black Americans remain today’s core audience, spending more time with media than any other US population, 81 hours weekly. Black audiences 18 and older in the US spend the most time on media daily – nearly 12 hours. The

Neon Money Club has launched a new dating app, Score, for people with a credit score of 675 or above. Luke Bailey and Jackie Liao co-founded Neon Money Club as an invite-only money club that aims to empower users financially while bypassing hurdles they often face. Members get access to invest in the US stock market, hyper-relevant financial content, and their recent launch of a Cream Card, making Neon Money Club the first Black-owned business to establish an American Express Card. The Score Dating App Neon Money Club has become the first financial brand

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