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Group Black has announced the acquisition of Galore Media Inc., a digital culture magazine that reaches 15 million users monthly. The Black-owned media company is also expanding its media influence with the launch of the “She’s Good [For Real]” Black women’s health platform and new data technologies. The Galore Acquisition Galore is known for spotlighting cultural icons such as Zendaya, Bad Bunny, and Kylie Jenner on their covers and its collaborations with major brands like Samsung, Apple, and Estee Lauder. “Galore is on the cutting edge of culture and I

Atlanta-based agency Chroma Creators is using artificial intelligence to deliver branding and marketing that is crafted by AI but inspired by Black culture. Chroma Creators Chroma Creators founder, CEO, and chief creative officer Octavia Warren is known for her success with multicultural branding and marketing agency Creative Juice. With over a decade of debunking stereotypes, Warren is now using the power of artificial intelligence to reshape how brands connect with Black audiences.  “I remember a time when you could not find a stock photo of a black hand holding an iPhone,” said Warren in

Black Americans consume more media than any other US population, but almost 70% wish they saw better representation, a Nielsen report has found. Black Audiences Consume The Most Media Nielsen’s “The Global Black Audience” report highlights Black America’s significant engagement with media and their perspective on representation in content and advertising. Black Americans remain today’s core audience, spending more time with media than any other US population, 81 hours weekly. Black audiences 18 and older in the US spend the most time on media daily – nearly 12 hours. The

The ALIVE Podcast Network has partnered with Barometer to revolutionize monetization opportunities for Black creators and media owners. The ALIVE Podcast Network is the first Black woman-owned podcast network to develop proprietary technology to amplify Black voices while ensuring creators retain ownership of their content. Barometer is an AI-powered platform for contextual targeting and brand suitability in audio advertising. Stereotypes About Black Content Brand suitability and safety technologies have been known to play an essential role in safeguarding advertisers. However, they have long been associated with disproportionately impacting creators from diverse backgrounds. For example,

In a striking turn of events, the renowned rapper Snoop Dogg’s ad campaign for Solo Stove backfired, resulting in the exit of the company’s CEO, John Merris. The campaign, which cleverly hinted at Snoop Dogg giving up smoking, ultimately failed to boost sales as expected.  The “Smokeless” Campaign In a bold marketing move, Solo Brands aired a commercial in which Snoop Dogg announced he was “giving up smoke,” leading many to believe he was quitting his well-known affinity for weed.  However, the ad was a clever ruse for Solo Stove,

Two minority-owned platforms, TripleLift and Reset Digital, have partnered to help advertisers achieve their diverse spending goals, increasing diverse representation across the programmatic ecosystem. In 2023, an ANA survey found that the media and advertising community had shown more interest in supporting diverse suppliers over the past year. However, there is still a gap between intent to spend with diverse suppliers and actual spending. TripleLift and Reset Digital’s partnership aims to change that. Supporting diverse suppliers in the ad industry TripleLift, founded by Eric Berry, Ari Lewine, and Shaun Zachariais,

For Black Business Month, media personality Sheletta Brundidge surprised five Black women with billboard advertisements for their businesses. August is National Black Business Month, where Americans recognize Black-owned businesses nationwide. Black business owners account for about 10%of U.S. businesses and 30% of all minority-owned businesses. A Harvard Business Review report also found that 17% of Black women are starting or running new businesses, compared to 10% of white women and 15% of white men. Billboard Ads for Black Women’s Businesses Five Black women entrepreneurs, including founders of Soul Grain Granola, Slyvia Williams and Liza Maya, were

Over half (54%) of the jobs at tech companies are non-technical roles – which is great news for those of us who thought C# was a musical note. Here’s a roundup of some of the many ‘non-technical’ roles at tech companies you can apply for on POCIT! “I genuinely thought it was only the coders that would be able to make the most money and the biggest change in the tech world and I was wrong.” – Nakita Austin, Customer Success Director Marketing A tech company may make a life-changing

The Hidden Genius Project, a nonprofit for Black male youth in tech, is coming to the Formula 1 racetrack thanks to the Sponsor X initiative. McLaren Racing partner Smartsheet launched the Sponsor X initiative at the Australian Grand Prix earlier this year. Now, for this weekend’s US Grand Prix, McLaren Racing partner Smartsheet is replacing its logo on the McLaren race cars and all marketing activities with The Hidden Genius Project’s logo. Smartsheet will also work with the nonprofit to bring tech education to local youth ahead of the racing event. What

When TikTok soared in popularity in 2020, the hard seltzer drinks market saw sales double to $4.1 billion.  While the stars were aligning, Nectar Hard Seltzer was a new company attempting to take on established brands such as White Claw and Truly. A unique marketing strategy involving our favorite new social media app and SMS texting would be the secret to their success. When Jeremy Kim received a phone call from his future co-founder, John Dalsey, he couldn’t have predicted the journey they would go on.  Asian-Inspired Hard Seltzer “Hard seltzer is killing

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