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Break Through Tech AI, the largest program of its kind in the U.S., aims to support college students from underrepresented backgrounds into top tech careers. Specifically, the program helps underrepresented groups, including lower-income, Latina and Black women and nonbinary students, gain the skills they need to get jobs in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Expanding Access to Elite Tech Opportunities Hosted and supported by institutions such as MIT, UCLA, and Cornell Tech, Break Through Tech AI is free and focuses on students from public institutions and historically Black colleges. 

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is rapidly becoming a vital tool for U.S. microbusinesses, particularly among Black owners who are adopting these technologies at impressive rates.  According to GoDaddy’s Venture Forward 2024 survey, approximately 50% of microbusiness operators have experimented with GenAI tools recently.  This statistic is even more significant among young and Black microbusiness owners, who are 50% more likely to leverage GenAI compared to their white counterparts. A Tool for Leveling the Playing Field The Venture Forward survey highlights that 44% of micro businesses see GenAI as a game-changer, allowing

British legal tech company Definely has raised a $7 million (£5.6 million) Series A investment round to advance its GenAI proposition that helps draft, edit, and understand legal documents. Last year, the Microsoft- and Google-backed company released Vault. This tool leverages AI and OCR technology to analyze and extract key information and clauses from an organization’s internal contract repository. Vault then makes this information readily available to users directly within their documents, exactly when and where it’s needed. One Of The 50 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies In The UK Founded by two former

Backpack Healthcare, an online pediatric mental healthcare provider, has announced a $14 million Series A funding round. Backpack Healthcare Backpack Healthcare, formerly Youme Healthcare, is a tech company that offers an app and teletherapy services designed to provide accessible and inclusive mental health support for young individuals. Led by founder and CEO Hafeezah Muhammad, Backpack Healthcare aims to make a positive impact on the lives of children and adolescents struggling with mental health challenges. With studies finding that 1 in 6 children have a mental, emotional or behavioural health disorder, along with more than

Black-owned music tech startup AudioStrip has won grant funding from the British government’s ‘AI in the Music Industry‘ Innovate UK fund. AudioStrip AudioStrip is a free online tool musicians use to split vocals from the backing music in audio files. It uses AI and Deep Learning, trained on large music datasets, to give users the best results and allow them to separate music quickly. The website uses the music source separation results from research.  It is intended to make the AI models easier to use for musicians without requiring them to have

Nigeria has launched its first multilingual Large Language Model (LLM), announced Minister Bosun Tijani of the Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy.  The initiative took place following a comprehensive four-day AI workshop in Abuja. The multilingual LLM is developed with local AI firm Awarritech, global tech entity DataDotOrg, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), and the National Centre for AI and Robotics (NCAIR). Capitalizing on a Growing Market With predictions from Statista that the AI market could reach $890 millon in 2024 and expand to $8.75 billion by 2030, Nigeria’s investment

Artists including Drake, Rihanna, The Weeknd, and Kendrick Lamar are returning to TikTok, as the platform has reached a new agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG). UMG had recently begun pulling its music from TikTok after their old contract expired, and the two companies couldn’t reach an agreement in new negotiations. What Does The New Partnership Mean? The joint agreement aims to mark a new era of collaboration, built on a shared commitment to help UMG’s artists and songwriters achieve their creative and commercial potential. They are also working together to realize new monetization opportunities utilizing

Ovom Care, a pioneering German startup in the fertility sector, recently closed €4.8 million ($5.1 million) in seed funding to expand its services across Europe, according to Tech Funding News. Led by an all-female founding team, Ovom Care is at the forefront of integrating empathetic reproductive healthcare by using a combination of generative AI and computer vision. This investment round, led by Alpha Intelligence Capital and supported by Ananda Impact Ventures and Merantix, makes the company’s total funding €6.1 million ($6.5 million). The startup is set to open its first clinic in Portugal by late 2024,

FKA Twigs has been developing an AI-powered version of herself, designed to interact with fans and journalists online. The British singer testified before Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property on Tuesday, calling for regulation to protect artists. AI Twigs: Revolutionizing Artist-Fan Engagement FKA Twigs recently announced the creation of her deepfake, a digital persona aptly named “AI Twigs.”  “In the past year, I have developed my own deepfake version of myself that is not only trained in my personality but also can use my exact tone of voice to speak

A high school athletic director in Baltimore has been accused of using AI to impersonate a principal on an audio recording that included racist and  antisemitic comments, authorities said on Thursday. The principal was placed on leave and had police outside his home after he received hate-filled messages and death threats over the fake recoridng. What Happened? Dazhon Darien, a 31-year-old high school athletic director in Maryland, reportedly created the AI audio recording to retaliate against Pikesville High School’s principal Eric Eisworth. Eisworth was investigating Darien over allegations that he

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