July 10, 2024

Founder Who Experienced Homelessness Raises $800k For AI-Driven Employment Support

Earlybird AI

Earlybird AI, a B2B startup that assists job seekers using innovative multilingual, voice-first AI technology, has raised £625,000 ($800,000) in pre-seed funding. 

The investment comes from diverse backers, including Google, Resolution Ventures, and Ada Ventures. 

Tackling Unemployment With AI

Earlybird AI addresses a pressing issue: nearly 11 million people in the UK are unemployed, and the unemployment rate rose to 4.4% between February and April 2024.

Founded by Claudine Adeyemi-Adams and Boris Bambo, the platform improves employment support by directly engaging participants through simulated voice-powered connections.

Adeyemi-Adams, who experienced homelessness and navigated a challenging job market herself, understands the importance of adequate employment support, according to UKTN.

“I was a participant in various employment support programs and worked in low-paid frontline roles before finding my way to a successful career in law. The support on offer was mostly poor, which motivated me to create a solution that truly helps people,” she said.

How Earlybird AI Works

Earlybird AI’s platform enables individuals struggling to find or retain employment to speak with an AI assistant. 

The platform then captures information that organizations need to build an understanding of their participants, from their interests to their challenges.

The tool analyzes users’ responses to identify critical challenges, ranging from a lack of digital skills to mental health issues or living in temporary accommodation. 

The system then uses intelligent algorithms to analyze the data and deliver insights and recommendations to participants’ employment advisers.

“The tool helps advisors do their jobs more efficiently, allowing them to support more people,” says Adeyemi-Adams. 

Successful candidates are often placed in frontline roles in retail or hospitality. 

Future Growth and Expansion

The $800,000 funding will expand Earlybird AI’s technological capabilities, grow its tech team, and broaden its customer base. 

The startup has also been selected for the Mayor of London’s Innovation Challenge, which aims to address the city’s critical unemployment and economic inactivity.

“Combining my lived experiences with my domain expertise, it made sense to find a solution to the problems I encountered and create a better support system for those in need,” Adeyemi-Adams concluded.

Feature Image Credit: UKTN

Sara Keenan

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