October 19, 2023

Black-Owned Tech Company Taps AI To Personalize WOC’s Hair Solutions

Black-owned beauty-tech company Myavana is using AI to provide personalized insights and hair regimens that work for women of color.

Myavana is the brainchild of computer scientist Candace Mitchell Harris. Her natural hair journey led her to seek data-driven, intelligent hair care solutions everywhere, from the lab to the Metaverse.

The Science of Hair 

Data reveals that Black consumers drive the global hair-care market, spending nine times more on hair-care products than other racial groups.

Black women, in particular, spend about $1.7 billion annually on hair-care products.

While studying computer science at the Georgia Insitute of Technology, Candace Mitchell Harris struggled to find specific hair products that worked for her.

According to Business Insider, this experience led her to learn more about the science of hair, ultimately creating Myavana in 2012.

Myavana is a pioneering beauty tech company that revolutionizes personal and professional textured hair care through data-driven science and technology.

With a team understanding the hair care challenges facing women of color and women with textured hair, Myavana has introduced a suite of innovative textured hair care science and technology products.

AI-Powered Hair Analysis 

Myavana is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence Hair Strand Analysis (HairAI) technology and Scientific Hair Strand Analysis (HairSI). 

The company is thought to have created the world’s largest database of textured hair by cataloging over two billion hair strands.

Using scientific and technological methods, Myavana analyzes the hair to the microscopic level and reports on its features comprehensively.

The company’s hair-identification system, MyHairID, defines individuals’ unique hair types according to features like texture, style, and condition.

Personalized Recommendations

Harris told the Insider that users can take a photo of their hair on their phone and upload it to the MyHairID tool on the Myavana app.

After answering questions about their hair goals, users receive product recommendations, product applications, styling techniques, and an overall understanding of hair and hair health. 

Myavana’s Web3 Metaverse

Harris said that 76% of people who used the AI-powered tool purchased the recommended products, and users reported a 90% satisfaction rate.

Myavana recently unveiled its first-of-its-kind Web3 Metaverse experience, offering visitors a free Hair Strand Analysis Kit and AItool to receive instant hair care solutions.

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Sara Keenan

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