September 15, 2023

Team Genius Squad: Black 10-Year-Old Launches Inspiring STEM Toy Line Across US And Canada

Team Genuis Squad

Black 10-year-old Ava Simmons has partnered with retailers across the US and Canada to launch her Team Genius Squad STEM toy line.

Team Genius Squad

Team Genius Squad is a movement and an aspiring brand created by 10-year-old Ava, also known as the STEM Princess.

Their mission is to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) awareness, encouraging individuals to believe in themselves, to identify their uniqueness, and to pursue their goals.

They design STEM-inspired products such as Experiment Lab Kits, Jewelry, Lip Gloss, Puzzles and Apparel whilst developing fun educational videos for all ages.

Ava Simmons – Ava The STEM Princess

10-year-old Ava Simmons had experienced academic challenges for several years, negatively impacting her daily life when interacting with others.

According to their website, she was singled out as a poor performer, teased for not understanding classroom material, and excluded from friendships because she didn’t fit the mould.

These events and her love for acting and hands-on activities were the catalysts that encouraged Simmons to learn and entertain herself and others differently.

They created Team Genius Squad during the pandemic when Simmons was diagnosed with Dyslexia, significantly impacting her reading ability.

With the help of her parents and grandmother, she began to make STEM experiment videos on YouTube, which improved her reading and math skills.

The Launch of Team Genius Squad Toy Line

Black News reported after requests for in-person STEM experiments came flooding in, the team decided to start in-person events and designed a STEM Movile Lab to travel across the country.

They initially purchased STEM experiment kits, but due to expenses, they began to develop their own.

Since then, they fine-tuned the design and packaging of their first kit that was developed on their kitchen table with a roll of wire, alligator clips and plastic pouches, said Simmon’s sister Chynah Jeter, and has become their best-seller.

The team currently has 15 STEM toys on the market and has partnered with retailers across the U.S. and Canada to launch their line.

Their products include Experiment Coloring Books, DIY Slime and Experiment Kits.

Their first in-store launch occurred at Marbles PlayStore in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.

“Once Marbles PlayStore partnered with Team Genius Squad, it paved the way for other retail partnerships. We greatly appreciate Marbles PlayStore for believing in our brand and the quality of our products,” said Jeter.

Sara Keenan

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