November 10, 2023

Slack’s Latina CEO Lidiane Jones Brings Tech Expertise To Bumble, Replaces Founder As CEO

Lidane Jones

Online dating and networking app Bumble has announced it is replacing founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd with Slack’s CEO, Lidiane Jones.

Bumble was designed for women to make the first move, aiming to shift old-fashioned power dynamics and encourage equality in dating.

Over the years, the company has also taken a more feminist and safety-oriented stance than its counterparts by enacting policies that crack down on ghosting and the sharing of unwanted sexual photos.

Meet Lidiane Jones

São Paulo-born Jones grew up in a small neighborhood in Brazil. According to Fortune, she earned a spot in a computer programming class after winning a school contest.

The class ignited her passion for tech and software development, earning her a scholarship to attend the University of Michigan.

However, she almost didn’t get to go after initially failing the Test of English as a Foreign Language, which was required for international students.

After passing on her second try, Jones described her transition as one of the hardest things she’s been through.

Soon after making friends and becoming fluent in English, Jones earned a computer science degree and secured an internship at Apple.

In 2003, she joined Microsoft and carried out several roles there for over 12 years, including Product Manager and Software Engineer.

Jones then left Microsoft in 2015 and joined Sonos as Vice President of Software Product Management before joining Salesforce, where she eventually became CEO of Slack in December 2022.

Jones replaced another founder, Stewart Butterfield, as the CEO at Slack.

Bring her tech expertise to  Bumble

Jones will start her role as CEO of Bumble on the first of next year as Herd moves to Executive Chair.

“Lidiane’s expertise and track record in product and technology is exceptional, and having her leading the next chapter of Bumble Inc. is a major win for our company, customers, and team,” said Herd.

Herd had recently hinted toward taking the business toward AI as she shared how AI could help people find more compatible matches.

It’s still being determined if Bumble’s plans for AI will continue in the same way. However, Slack and Salesforce fully embraced AI, and Jones said AI would be a part of Bumble’s future.

“As a woman who has spent her career in technology, it’s a gift to lean on my experience to lead a company dedicated to women and encouraging equality,” said Jones.

“I look forward to bringing my expertise, passion, and drive to Bumble Inc. to foster long-term sustainable growth and create delightful experiences that will expand our global community well into the future.”

The change of CEO comes at a time when the dating app market is losing steam with young people, as a study of US college students reported that 79% don’t use dating apps even as much as once a month.

The changing user behaviors have impacted Bumble since its 2021 IPO, priced at $43; the stock reached over $70 on opening today.

It is worth around $14 today, and the stock currently trades at approximately $12.67.

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