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Angeles Ventures, a Latine and woman-led early-stage VC fund, has announced an equity investment from Bank of America. This investment aims to accelerate Angeles Ventures’ mission to find, fund, and grow Latine ventures across the United States. Addressing the Funding Gap for Latine Entrepreneurs Even though Latine Americans make up over 20% of the U.S. population and are the most entrepreneurial group in the country, they receive less than 2% of venture capital funding.  Angeles Ventures aims to change this by focusing on tech-enabled B2B and B2C startups at the

Latino Business Action Network recently launched a Startup Accelerator program to empower Latinx tech entrepreneurs through mentorship, networking and educational resources. Latinos are the most prolific creators of new companies in the U.S., with over 5 million Latino-owned businesses currently operating, according to a recent Latino Business Action Network (LBAN) report.  Despite this impressive number, Latino entrepreneurs face significant barriers to accessing venture capital. Aimed At Tech Entrepreneurs The accelerator program, supported by JPMorgan Chase, will focus on 40 Latino majority-owned, venture-backed tech companies specializing in fields such as AI, Agtech, health tech, fintech, and biotech. 

Break Through Tech AI, the largest program of its kind in the U.S., aims to support college students from underrepresented backgrounds into top tech careers. Specifically, the program helps underrepresented groups, including lower-income, Latina and Black women and nonbinary students, gain the skills they need to get jobs in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Expanding Access to Elite Tech Opportunities Hosted and supported by institutions such as MIT, UCLA, and Cornell Tech, Break Through Tech AI is free and focuses on students from public institutions and historically Black colleges. 

Latinas & Power Corp. has announced the launch and expansion of the Latinas in Leadership Institute (LiLi), an initiative to empower Latina professionals and entrepreneurs across Connecticut, Massachusetts, and beyond.  The six-month virtual leadership and advocacy certificate program is tailored for Latina professionals and community leaders in their early to mid-career stages. Empowering Through Diversity and Inclusion LiLi stands out by integrating participants from diverse sectors, including private, academic, government, and non-profit grassroots organizations.  This approach fosters a rich exchange of perspectives and ideas, enhancing the learning experience and contributing

Toro Taxes and Trez, two Latine-owned companies, have formed a strategic partnership to better deliver their services to Latine entrepreneurs across the U.S. The Partnership The Latine market represents nearly 19% of the country’s population and continues to be the fastest-growing demographic in the US. Toro Taxes, the largest Hispanic tax preparation and business services franchise in the U.S., operates over 200 locations nationwide. Trez, a specialized payroll and benefits platform designed for the Latine community, will serve as the primary platform for onboarding the Toro Taxes’ clients onto the

Online resources business Hello Alice recently announced its Series C funding round closure despite facing a controversial class-action lawsuit.  The lawsuit alleges their partnership with Progressive Insurance to offer grants specifically to Black-owned businesses was racially discriminatory. Hello Alice’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion In October 2023, Hello Alice found itself at the center of a legal battle when America First Legal, Mitchell Law PLLC, and Ashbrook Byrne Kresge LLC filed a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination. This was due to the company’s initiative, which provided $25,000 in grants to 10 Black-owned businesses in

Toku, a fintech startup that specializes in recurring payment solutions, has raised $9.3 million in its latest funding round.  The funding round was led by Gradient Ventures and supported by existing investors including F-Prime Capital, Clocktower, Y Combinator, Wollef, and Funders Club.  This latest investment has now pushed Toku’s total funding to nearly $20 million. Revolutionizing Payment Collections In Latin America Founded in 2020, Toku has become a leading player in the fintech sector by automating the entire payment processing lifecycle.  Its platform offers varied payment options, handles customer outreach, and optimizes collection strategies using real-time data.  This approach enhances the

Bitcoin teller machines (BTMs) in the U.S. are disproportionately installed in areas with large Black and Latine populations, a Bloomberg analysis has revealed. BTMs in Black and Latine areas The number of BTMs, which allow people to convert cash into Bitcoin, has risen drastically over the last four years, now totalling around 31,100 units nationwide.  These machines, commonly found in gas stations and convenience stores, saw a surge during the pandemic as interest in digital currencies grew. However, a Bloomberg analysis has revealed that the machines are disproportionately installed in

Hispanic and Latine employees feel pressured to conform to mainstream office norms at the expense of their authentic selves and cultural heritage, a new study by Coqual has revealed. Hispanic and Latine professionals represent a rapidly growing demographic in the U.S. workforce, yet they continue to navigate several stereotypes, colorism, and cultural invisibility. The Coqual study used a mixed-method approach, including surveys, focus groups, and expert interviews, involving more than 2,300 full-time professionals across the United States. The pressure to assimilate Key findings indicate that 68% of Hispanic and Latine professionals with sponsors

Suzanna Valdez Wolfe has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), the nation’s largest organization dedicated to Hispanic people in STEM.  Meet Suzanna Valdez Wolfe With a career spanning over three decades, Suzanna Valdez Wolfe brings to SHPE a track record in leadership, strategic planning, and coalition building. Before joining SHPE, Valdez Wolfe was a founding member of Partners For NonProfits and the first-ever Chief Impact Officer at Taproot Foundation.  Her career also includes a notable tenure at the Adrienne Arsht Center of the Performing Arts, where she contributed to

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