February 2, 2021

Now anyone can invest alongside Arlan Hamilton

Kicking off Black History Month in the US Backstage Capital has announced they’re opening their fund to allow regular people to invest alongside Backstage Capital. Through the crowdsourcing platform, Republic, individuals will have easier access to become venture capitalists. Opening the doors of opportunity for regular people to invest like a VC. It’s already raised $1M from over 2000 investors, with amounts as a little as $100.

Leading the way with a new approach to venture capital investing, accredited and non-accredited investors can invest alongside Backstage giving talented underrepresented founders access to capital.

“We would like to give everyday investors who share our values the opportunity to be a part of the Backstage journey and help us deploy more capital to underestimated founders.” (Source: Republic)


Started in 2015, Backstage has invested $12M in over 160 underrepresented founders. Arlan Hamilton, who built the VC fund from the ground up, is dedicated to decreasing funding disparities in tech by investing in talented people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ founders.

Twitter reacts

This is one of the first funds of its kind and has inspired positive reactions.

A groundbreaking initiative

β€˜Invest like a VC’ will change the way we think about traditional venture capitalist funding. It will open up the venture capital ecosystem giving access to invest alongside Backstage Capital. It’s also a chance to level the playing field and provide much-deserved capital to underrepresented founders. 

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