September 12, 2023

Meet The Entrepreneur Revolutionizing Dentistry And Style With “A Retainer Inside Of A Grill”


Black entrepreneur Chriss Rogers has created the first ever protective mouth grill through her company Ease.

Houston-born Rogers launched Ease in 2021 after closing her eight-year-old online boutique shop Chriss Zoe the year before.

To date, Rogers has primarily self-funded her venture, and her social media has played a huge role as clips of her products have gone viral, leading to increased sales.

Mouth Grills

Rogers told AFROTECH she wanted to attach herself to a product she could be proud of, which is why she invented the new protective mouth grill.

The patent pending design is created to look like a traditional grill without harmful side effects, such as the harsh elements of metal exposure against your teeth.

Described as a cutting-edge oral accessory method designed to safeguard your teeth, the protective grills start at $130 and can be customized to fit various tastes and budgets.

They can also be made in gold, ranging from 10 carats to 22 carats, as customers can customize their grills via the website.

Rogers has estimated that at least 100 protective mouth grills have been sold since launching them in June 2023.

How it works

Customers are sent a “Do-It-Yourself Dental Impression Kit” to their homes containing a step-by-step guide with detailed instructions on how to make a dental impression.

Once Ease receives the finished dental impressions, they custom-make the protective mouth grills and return the finished product.

“I’m very excited because it changes the world of dentistry,” said Rogers.

“Our main goal is merging the world of dentistry and jewellery with our Protective Mouth Grill.”

Featured Image Credit : Ease / Cherry

Sara Keenan

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