November 30, 2023

Latino-Owned Fuse Media Turns To AI Dubbing For Spanish Version Of Backstage FAST Channel


Fuse Media has turned to AI dubbing for a Spanish-language version of its FAST channel Backstage.

Fuse Media is a Latino-owned, global entertainment company, leading in the creation and distribution of inclusive, purpose-driven stories and experiences for and with culturally diverse young adults.

Some of the shows have won awards such as the Peabody, Emmys, Critics Choice, and Candian Screen Awards as well as their diversity awards from NAACP, Imagen, GLAAD, the Gracies, and NAMIC.

The Latino-owned platform has now teamed with UK-based AI dubbing company Papercup to launch Backstage in Mexico on Samsung TV Plus sets.

Earlier this month, Fuse Media secured carriage for its Backstage FAST channel on Samsung TV Plus Mexico, marking the first time one of the use Media’s DEI-focused FAST channels has been dubbed for international distribution.

Making Programming Accessible To A Larger Audience

Papercup has now dubbed more than 200 hours of content in Latin American Spanish as the channel features inspiring stories from creatives such as Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, and Snoop Dogg.

Since its launch, Backstage has grown for 13 straight quarters with total minutes view posting double-digit year-on-year gains in Q3 2023.

It features celebrities and emerging talent lighting up this collection of music bios, performances, reality shows, docs, and films.

“By dubbing our content into Spanish, we are making our programming accessible to an even larger audience. This is just the start of our plans for growth for this important demographic,” said Patrick Courtney, Head of Streaming and Business Development.

“We’re excited to showcase the documentaries and specials on Backstage in Spanish and give new audiences access to some of these compelling stories.”

According to Deadline, Papercup CEO Jesse Shemen said he anticipated the Backstage deal would be the first of many projects they hope to work on.

Feature Image Credit: Photo by Rob Latour

Sara Keenan

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