November 20, 2023

John Legend, T-Pain, And Papoose Join YouTube’s AI Music Experiment

John Legend

YouTube has introduced an AI experiment exploring how technology can create deeper connections between artists, creators, and fans, including John Legend, T-Pain, and Papoose.

The rise of AI-generated music has sparked excitement and concern within the music industry, from calls for legal action to taking advantage of opportunities to revolutionize music creation.

The Dream Track

The Dream Track experiment will feature YouTube Shorts and is powered by Google DeepMind’s most advanced music generation model, Lyria.

Nine artists, John Legend, Papoose, T-Pain, Alec Benjamin, Charlie Puth, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato, Sia, and Troye Sivan, have chosen to collaborate in the experiment.

“Being a part of YouTube’s Dream Track experiment is an opportunity to help shape possibilities for the future,” said Legend.

“As an artist, I am happy to have a seat at the table and I look forward to what the creators dream up during this period.”

According to a blog post by YouTube, the artists are giving a small group of select US creators the chance to create unique soundtracks of up to 30 seconds for their Shorts.

They type an idea into the creation prompt and select a participating artist; then, an original Shorts soundtrack featuring the AI-generated voice of that artist will be produced for the creator to use in their Short.

“The artists, songwriters, and producers in the Music AI Incubator are helping us test, learn, gain feedback, and hear ideas so that we can develop the best experiences possible for our community of artists, viewers, and fans,” the blog read.

“I strongly believe AI has a significant place in the future of music,” said Papoose.

“Embracing the future is something we all shouldn’t be afraid of. Its beyond human capabilities will inspire future artists tremendously. This is indeed the best example of innovation I’ve seen in a long time.”

Sara Keenan

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