November 7, 2023

Empowering Women Of Color In Geekdom: Shero Comics Launches Crowdfunding For Diverse Video Games

Shequeta Smith

Shero Comics, a LA-based multimedia company, is raising funds to bring video games to life that feature women and girls of color.

Shero Comics

LA-based Shero Comics aims to help women and girls of color find their superpowers in geekdom by building diverse IPs leveraged with technology.

The company was founded in 2016 by award-winning writer, creator, and Shero CEO Shequeta L. Smith.

After witnessing the lack of Black women and girls in comics and comic book movies, Smith launched Shero Comics, intending to create a renaissance of Black standalone superheroines.

In 2019, the company partnered with Westfield Corporation and launched the only all-female comic convention in America, Sherocon.

The convention made history as the first comic con inside a Westfield property.

Shero Games, the official gaming division of Shero Comics, has now launched a crowdfunding campaign beginning on November 8, 2023.

Shero Games 

Women comprise 48% of gamers but only 6% of standalone protagonists in mainstream video games.

Shero Games is on a mission to build diverse mobile, PC, and Roblox games that feature women and girls of color as the main protagonists.

They are working to fix the problem of the lack of representation in the gaming world with the launch of their female-centered gaming company.

After seven years of creating best-selling female-led comic book IPs through Shero Comics, they are now leveraging these IPs with technology and reimaging them as online games.

Their inaugural game, “Rayven Choi: Reapers Run,” is an infinite runner based on their award-winning Korean-African-American graphic novel Rayven Choi.

The game will be available for download on all mobile and PC platforms from early 2024.

Shero Games Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding launching on November 8, plans to build games based on its “own library of inclusive stories and will use the funds raised to enlist a game developer,” their press release states.

The campaign will run through December 22, 2023.

Thanks to husband and wife duo 2020 NBA All-Star and 2021 NBA Champion Jrue Holiday and two-time Olympic gold-medalist soccer player Lauren Holiday, Shero Games is on its way to the ultimate feat of “taking on the male-dominated world of gaming.”

The pair are matching up to $35,000 of what the company raises through the couple’s JLH Social Impact Fund.

Supporters of the crowdfunding campaign will have some perks ahead of them, including early access to the games, tickets to future release parties, free in-game power-ups, and themed wallpapers.

The campaign will also kick off two new games, “SheroCon” and “Raven Choi.”

“SheroCon” is a Roblox gaming experience replicating the real-life magic of the annual Shero Comics Convention – an event spotlighting and celebrating women and their contributions to pop culture and geekdom.

Sara Keenan

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