March 17, 2023

Black Talent Without College Degrees To Upskill In Cybersecurity With OneTen ThriveDX Partnership

Leading cybersecurity and digital skills training company ThriveDX has partnered with the OneTen coalition to help Black talent secure tech and cybersecurity jobs – without needing college degrees.

In 2020, America’s leading CEOs, companies, and talent developers banded together to form a coalition dedicated to upskilling, hiring, and promoting one million Black individuals who do not have four-year degrees. 

OneTen’s growing portfolio of 70+ partners includes educators, trainers, and providing Black people with the skills needed to secure “family-sustaining” jobs across the US. The coalition reports that they have helped more than 65,000 people secure top jobs, with another 19,000 being promoted into such positions. 

The partnership with ThriveDX opens up new opportunities for Black talent through placements in tech and cybersecurity B2B training programs. 

The College Degree Hurdle

Nearly 4 in 5 jobs that pay more than $50,000 require a four-year college degree. However, this excludes the 76% of Black talent over 25 years old that don’t have baccalaureate degrees but do have relevant experience.

By removing the need for college degrees, OneTen’s network of talent development partners aims to close the racial wealth gap.

“We recognize that an individual with a four-year degree unrelated to technology is no more qualified for a cybersecurity role than another candidate who does not have a bachelor’s degree, but who has done an intensive program in preparation for that exact position,” Maurice Jones, former CEO of OneTen, said in a statement.

“In partnering with ThriveDX to upskill more candidates in this burgeoning field, we are enabling Black talent to earn success and enjoy economic opportunity and mobility.”

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Samara Linton

Community Manager at POCIT | Co-editor of The Colour of Madness: Mental Health and Race in Technicolour (2022), and co-author of Diane Abbott: The Authorised Biography (2020)