November 17, 2017

200 Women of Color On Twitter To Follow.

First, I want to give credit to this idea to Jeneba who produced Yes We Tech: 161 Black Women in Tech to Follow on Twitter and 185 Women of Color in Tech to Follow on Twitter. My list is not as organized or detailed but has a different circle of users with a little overlap with these previous lists. I hope you can use all three lists to share this empowering narrative of the existence of women of color!

Don’t be fooled by your environment, the movies you watch or the news stories you read, great leadership by women of color exists right now. Below is a list that contains some of these women! While success rates are slow to rise in many industries including medicine, research, and startups, there are visible Women of Color out there that you can follow and learn from. Learn how these women are leading diversity efforts and how much they have already accomplished so far in their respective industries. You can follow all the women I list today and more by subscribing to my live Twitter list which is always being added too.

What is the point of this list? Women of color often report discrimination and conflict both because of their skin color and their gender. The intersection of gender and race is often a point of invisibility, and that has to change. Please help your neighbors, your friends, and your family members to recognize women of color do exist in leadership roles, programming roles, student roles, investor roles, executive roles and founder roles. We can only turn the tide if these women receive credit for the work they do every day and the support to be recognized in a world not made to benefit them. I hope that people who want a change surround themselves with people who are challenging the status quo.

There are a lot more pioneering women of color than the ones I entered on this list. Continue to share the names of the women you think deserve some Twitter love by tweeting their profiles at me to add to my Twitter list.

Tiffany Smith
Mirta Desir
Christine K. St.Vil
Netia McCray
Maci Peterson
Maureen Erokwu
Christina M.
Morgan DeBaun
Brit Fitzpatrick
Tara Reed
Jewel Burks
Rebecca Enonchong
Kelley O. Williams
Stacy Brown-Philpot
Jessica O. Matthews
laura i. gómez
Amanda Spann
sarah kunst
Nicole Sanchez
Kellee James
Kelechi Anyadiegwu

Chief Diversity Officer
Candice Morgan
Lesley Slaton
Lisa Robinson
Cecily Joseph
Sandra Sims-Williams
Donna Johnson
Barb McAllister Whye

STEM Advocacy 
Devyn Gillette, PhD
Ghazal Asif
Saqi Mehta
Fenella Amarasinghe
Dr.Talmesha Richards
Natasha Berryman
Kat Bloomfield
April Boyd-Noronha
Khira Momodu
Lolita M Taub
Kendell Byrd
Mandela SH
Gloria Kimbwala
Sian Morson
Heather Faison
Cheryl Contee
Reshma Saujani

Diversity Initiative
Alona King
Lisa Peten, CISSP
Lyn Muldrow
Maria Petnga-Wallace
Ella Ethel Mbewe
A-Marie Imafidon MBE
Ariel Belgrave
Kiwoba Allaire
Karla L. Monterroso
Kimberly Bryant
Marlo Rencher
Y-Vonne Hutchinson
Laura Weidman Powers
Tiffany Price
Jeannice Fairrer
Shriya Nevatia
Felecia Hatcher
Tech soldier
Aisha Bowe
Charlene Carruthers

Tatiana King Jones

Michelle Tong
Beronda Montgomery
Asia Murphy
Knatokie Ford
Dr. Hadiyah Green
In The Know
Jedidah Isler, PhD
Stephani Page, PhD
Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna
Keiana Cave
Riana Lynn
Dr. Poinsettia
Ta-Shana Taylor
Dr. Portia Flow


C. Arroyo-Johnson
Doctor Proctor
Candis Best
Allissa Richardson
Stephanie Y. Evans
Nisha X
Renetta G. Tull

Monique Woodard
Angela Bento
Shauntel Poulson
Lauren Maillian
Ellen K. Pao
susan wu
Lorine Pendleton
Adaora Udoji
Valerie Mosley
Mariah Lichtenstern
Juliana Rotich
Sutian Dong

Web Developer/Software Engineer
Cadetrus Fikes
Tiffany Andrews
Kaya Thomas
Chantal Emmanuel
Veni Kunche
Tiffany Williams
Hadiyah Mujhid
Abigail Joseph
Jasmine Berry
Evelyn Namara
Lindsey C. Holmes
Rosa Pergams
Dr Lisa T Richardson
Tracy Chou
LaToya Allen
Jaleesa Trapp
Rachel Brooks
Regina Honu
Ana Medina
Kisha M Richardson
kamilah taylor
Rebecca Garcia

Arlyne S., Ph.D.
Shana Moore
lola lola
Kayla Dio Robinson
Pamela Assogba
Rehana Aziz
Ayori Selassie
Aerospace Socialite
A. Nelson-Hornstein
Tiffany Crawford
Angie Jones

Nicole Cuellar
Regina Walton
Erica Stanley
Asha Laura

Tech Fashion
France Jackson

Social Impact Initiative
Tiffani Ashley Bell
Carol Ann Benovic
Brit Fitzpatrick

Melanie Araujo
Amélie Lamont

Data Science/AI
Korin Reid
Davina Durgana
Jimmi Warner
Alicia Powers, PhD
Safia Abdalla

Medical Doctor
Stesha Doku, MD
Charlene Brown MD
Ask Dr. Renee™

Margot Lee Shetterly
Jenna //\\ Wortham
Lynne d Johnson
Octavia Goredema MBE
Crystal R. Emery
Femi Oke
Rhonesha Byng
Kavitha A. Davidson
Lauren DeLisaColeman

Corvida Raven
Brittany Packnett
Love God Herself
Ai-jen Poo
Linda Sarsour
Opal Tometi
Stacey Long Simmons
Nelini Stamp
Nancy Treviño
Heather C. McGhee
Xochitl Oseguera

Dr. Nicol Turner-Lee

Karen RogersRobinson
Kris McDonald
Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt

Camille Eddy

Camille Eddy is a machine learning engineer at HP Labs in Palo Alto, helping to bring in the next generation of robotics.

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