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During a recent speech at the Milken Institute Global Conference, Governor Kathy Hochul of New York faced backlash after making controversial comments that that Black children in the Bronx don’t know what a computer is. A misstep at the Milken Conference Governor Hochul made the remarks while discussing her new AI initiative aimed at enhancing technological access in low-income areas. “Right now, we have young Black kids growing up in the Bronx who don’t even know what the word computer is,” she said. “They don’t know, they don’t know these things.” This

Research has shown that Black adults experience higher rates of sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and irregular sleep patterns, more frequently than other demographic groups.  Dr. Ivor Horn, Google’s Chief Health Equity Officer, is at the forefront of addressing these health disparities using AI. Her role mainly involves bridging healthcare gaps by using technology to enhance healthcare equity, particularly for marginalized communities. Sleep Disorders With Black People Factors contributing to less sleep among Black individuals include location, environmental noise, light pollution, and broader socio-economic issues such as stress and racial discrimination. 

Black-owned startup The SMART Tire Company (STC) is calling on Black celebrities, investors, and engineers to help disrupt the global tire market industry at $300 billion. SMART tires: TIME’s Best Inventions STC is best known for its space-age tires, which are changing the way vehicles perform on and off the road. The tires were initially designed for NASA’s Mars Rover program, but STC was founded to commercialize this advanced tire technology as part of the FedTech NASA Startup Program. The company’s inaugural product is a high-performance, airless bicycle tire made

This year’s Black History Month theme, African Americans and the Arts, invites us to delve into a rich cultural heritage. This month, we will be celebrating the diverse artistic contributions of African Americans across multiple domains and spotlighting the intersection of Black arts and technology. The Origins Of Black History Month Harvard-trained historian Carter G. Woodson founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH) and announced Negro History Week in 1925. Woodson had hoped to raise awareness of African Americans’ contributions to civilization, and the event

Commercial real estate business owner and broker Dustin Sutton is creating a technology to benefit golfers. Sutton’s vision is to create augmented reality (AR) — enhanced smart glasses — designed and tailored for golfers through his company, RangEZ, Inc. According to the San Diego Business Journal, Sutton said the company, which is less than a year old, aims to launch its first product by the end of 2024. “Over the past seven months, this journey has transformed from a mere idea into a tangible pursuit,” he said. RangEZ Smart Glasses RangEZ smart glasses

Latina-led venture capital firm Supply Change Capital has announced the close of its inaugural $40 million fund to invest in the future of food. Investing in food, culture, and tech Supply Change Capital, one of the largest Latina-led funds, invests at the intersection of food, culture, and technology to catalyze early-stage sustainable businesses that modernize the food system. The firm has deployed over $13 million across 15 early-stage food and agriculture technology companies since June 2021, with Latine, Black, and/or women founders and CEOs comprising 80% of the portfolio. Limited

Non-profit organization Silicon Harlem has teamed up with AT&T and the New York Urban League (NYUL) to offer opportunities for teens and students to explore tech careers. Silicon Harlem’s new learning lab, which opened Tuesday, invites students to try a new tech-related skill, from augmented reality to creating code. The lab received a major donation from AT&T, allowing them to have the latest technology for the teens in aims to bridge the digital divide and increase diversity. “We want to make sure when it’s time for you all to apply

24-year-old content creator, Shevon Salmon, is one of a few people turning their passion for tech into a sustainable income.  Before picking up his camera for thousands of viewers, Salmon first discovered his love for videography after the birth of his little sister, who he spent most of his time recording. The love he developed for technology – which started as a simple hobby – has sparked the growth of his career on social media.  Salmon’s YouTube covers various topics, including new tech drops, gaming videos, lifestyle and testing out

Toye Onikoyi, Kelechi Agwunobi, Etebom Samuel, and Larry Adigun are the brains behind The Muse Mirror – also known as the mirror of the future – a one-of-kind virtual mirror that aims to shake up the beauty industry.    Who is Toye Onikoyi?  Rhode Island entrepreneur, Toye Onikoyi, is an experienced software engineer with an impressive tech portfolio that spans many years.  After graduating from The University of Rhode Island in 2016, Onikoyi spent the first few years of his career working his way up from a Research Engineer to a Software

A movie about AI, aliens, and social media? Sounds like a must-see!  “Missing” is the latest tech thriller to hit our screens. The film, written and directed by Nick Johnson and Will Merrick, explores the story of June – played by Storm Reid (Euphoria) – who is on a quest to find her mother after her strange disappearance while on vacation in Colombia.  The film, currently out in cinemas, includes a star-studded lineup of talents such as Nia Long – who plays June’s mother – Megan Suri, Ken Leung, Daniel Henney,

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