January 23, 2023

Meet The Black Founder Behind Game-Changing Cosmetics Try-On Mirror

Toye Onikoyi, Kelechi Agwunobi, Etebom Samuel, and Larry Adigun are the brains behind The Muse Mirror – also known as the mirror of the future – a one-of-kind virtual mirror that aims to shake up the beauty industry.   

Who is Toye Onikoyi? 

Rhode Island entrepreneur, Toye Onikoyi, is an experienced software engineer with an impressive tech portfolio that spans many years. 

After graduating from The University of Rhode Island in 2016, Onikoyi spent the first few years of his career working his way up from a Research Engineer to a Software Developer. 

Onikoyi got the idea to create The Muse Mirror when thinking of the right gift to get his girlfriend for her birthday. Despite not knowing exactly what she would like, he decided to create something she would enjoy using every day. 

“Instead of making her another scrapbook, let me make her something she uses every day, which is a mirror,” Onikoyi said in an interview with CBS News.

“Let me put some things on her mirror, like her calendar, events, and a greeting telling her, ‘Hey, you look beautiful.” 

After receiving the mirror, his girlfriend decided to post it on social media, and minutes later, the product went viral. Suddenly, hundreds of people were requesting their own Muse Mirror, which is when Onikoyi decided to leap into entrepreneurialism. 

The Muse Mirror 

Have you ever wanted to try on that lipstick shade but are not sure if you want to buy it just yet? Enter: The Muse Mirror.

The cutting-edge mirror offers try-on technology that lets people try on products virtually and purchase them directly through the mirror without having to go to the store.

The muse mirror also includes a range of futuristic specifications, including cutting-edge touch, voice, and gesture recognition.

The Muse Mirror

“Right now, there’s not a good way to try on products at home before you purchase [them]. Clothing that may not fit you, makeup where you don’t really understand that this foundation isn’t right for you.” 

Additionally, users can pick an interactive routine tailored to their cosmetic and wellness goals. The mirror also allows you to stream video content and play music while getting ready. 

The Muse Mirror makes getting ready and trying out new products a seamless experience. The mirror’s photo and video shoot options also make creating and sharing content on social media a lot easier. 

“[The mirror] presents a new affirmation to you – kind of like a morning pick me up. I see The Muse Mirror as the mirror that everyone has [to have] in their home. I see it as a bridge between retail and e-commerce.” 

Kumba Kpakima

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