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Ed Dwight, the first Black astronaut candidate President John F. Kennedy selected in 1961, is finally set to journey to space at age 90. Meet Ed Dwight Born in 1933 in Kansas City, Kansas, Dwight’s early career began with his service as a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force.  His selection for the elite Aerospace Research Pilot School (ARPS) in 1961 allowed him to break racial barriers in space exploration.  Despite completing the program, Dwight was not selected for NASA’s Astronaut Corps.  However, this did not deter him as he transitioned

Virgin Galactic’s spaceflight “Galactic 02” will fly three passengers to space, including the first Caribbean astronauts, mother-daughter duo Keisha Schahaff, 46, and Anastatia Mayers, 18. Galactic 02 Virgin Galactic is an aerospace and space travel company pioneering human spaceflight for private individuals and researchers with its advanced air and space vehicles. Its seventh spaceflight, and second commercial spaceflight, Galactic 02, will fly three private passengers to space, Jon Goodwin, Keisha Schahaff, and Anastasia Mayers. Mother-daughter duo Schahaff and Mayers won seats in a draw that raised funds for the non-profit

Sabrina Thompson, a NASA aerospace engineer and founder of streetwear brand Girl In Space Club (GISC), is using her passion for sneakers to ignite the curiosity of young minds in science, space, and technology. The 38-year-old’s initiative, STEMulating Art, is bridging the gap between creativity and technical skills for young minds. Designing a pair of kicks for the moon Thompson noticed that while kids were excited to meet a rocket scientist like herself, they had trouble connecting with the technical aspects of her work. Determined to bring space exploration down

Meet Victor Glover, the NASA astronaut who is set to make history as the first Black man to venture to the Moon. NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) have announced the four astronauts selected to fly on Artemis II, the first crewed mission in NASA’s ambitious plan to establish a long-term presence on the Moon. Pilot Victor Glover will board the Orion spacecraft and embark on a flyby of the Moon with Commander Reid Wiseman, Mission Specialist 1 Christina Hammock Koch, and Mission Specialist 2 Jeremy Hansen on a 10-day mission

Why wait for Black History Month to celebrate Black talent? According to Zippia, Black people comprise 13% of NASA’s workforce, each playing a significant role in astronomy and space exploration. Here are some of them. Dr. Christian Braneon – Climate Scientist Dr. Christian Braneon was a climate scientist and civil engineer at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) from 2017 to 2022. Dr. Braneon co-leads the Environmental Justice and Climate Just Cities Network (EJCJC) at Columbia University’s Earth Institute and serves as Co-Chair of the New York City Panel

After launching the International Space Station on October 5, Nicole Aunapu Mann made history as the first Native American woman to travel to space. Who is Nicole Mann? Mann, 45, is an American test pilot and NASA astronaut in California. After graduating from Stanford University, she received her masters in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. She is registered with the Wailacki of the Round Valley Indian Tribes.  Not only has she broken records as the first Native American woman to travel to space, but as NASA’s SpaceX Crew-5 mission commander,

Alejandro Cordero, a professor of electronics and the CEO & Founder of Innova Space, which is reportedly the only company in Latin America that specializes in the design and development of PocketQube pico-satellites. Innova Space was born from an educational project led by Cordero and his seventh-year students. Cordero had challenged his students of Technical High School, which is dubbed number five in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina with designing a satellite in 2019.  In the process, Innova Space received an offer from a startup accelerator. An investment of $100,000