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I am currently in the fourth week of my full-time coding boot camp, and it has certainly been a whirlwind. I have learned so much, and I am not talking about just coding. “Mediocre effort gets you mediocre results, average effort yields average results, and extraordinary effort yields extraordinary results.” I will circle back to this quote, but I had to start this article off with something impactful. The quote above is the TLDR of the article. 1. Be Humble If coding is new to you, it’s okay that you

In 2020, only about a quarter of professional computing jobs in the United States were held by women, according to the National Center for Women and Information Technology. But one Seattle group is trying to change that, and ensure women, people of color, and gender-diverse people are able to show up as themselves in this industry. Ada Developers Academy Ada Developers Academy, the tuition-free coding training program prioritizes BIPOC women and teaches them computer coding. It will accept online applications from March 7 through March 28 and local internships will be

According to U.S. Labor statistics, as of December 2020, the global talent shortage amounted to 40 million skilled workers worldwide. By 2030, the global talent shortage is expected to reach 85.2 million—сompanies worldwide risk losing $8.4 trillion in revenue because of the lack of skilled talent. But the reality is more complicated than just a shortage of developers. The problem also has a lot to do with how most companies hire developers. A 2017 Indeed survey found that 80% of U.S. tech managers have selected a candidate who has graduated from a coding boot camp

Starting a business isn’t easy – there’s a lot you have to manage, and there’s even more you have to learn if you want to stay ahead of the game and scale. Without bombarding you all with too much information – we’ve made a list of some of the basics that could get you started. What is an EVP? An EVP (Employee Value Proposition) is a unique set of rewards and benefits that an employer offers to current and future employees in return for their value to the organization. The

by Ruth Mesfun (@pocintech, @ruthmesfun)   This is my first month learning officially how to code like a programmer.  I was so excited that Flatiron School created the online Learn-Verified program because I loved the atmosphere of their in-person immersive courses but I knew there was no way I could take off three months to take their immersive course. You see, I am a middle school teacher and work around 60 hours a week. The online course provides everything from their Web Development Immersive program but it’s a self-paced course. An in-person immersive