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Black Radiance has launched its first augmented reality app, Beyond Radiant, to offer an immersive diverse experience for women of color. Established in 1993, Black Radiance is a brand that amplifies Black voices and celebrates heritage and perspective worldwide and in the community. They are on trend with the latest technology and offer a diverse range of colors and tones that uplift unique ethnic shades. Beyond Radiant Beyond Radiant, now available in all app stores, stands at the intersection of augmented reality technology, beauty, and empowerment. Unlike traditional beauty apps

As part of the Signature Series, the Kinfolk Foundation is placing four new Augmented Reality (AR) monuments throughout New York to celebrate Black culture and identity throughout the city. AR technology creates interactive, immersive, experimental experiences where our real, physical world is digitally augmented. The Kinfolk Foundation Kinfolk Foundation is a non-profit digital and educational platform that uses art and emerging technologies such as AR to re-center the stories and lives of African-American figures. This aims to highlight the contributions and success of communities of color, uprooting systems and reimagining

seeCOLe (see Clinical Data On Lens) is a wearable augmented reality health app revolutionizing how clinicians interact with electronic health records in real time. Using the app, healthcare professionals can interact with patient data using voice commands, removing the need to navigate patient records manually. CEO, founder, and lead developer Carl Osborne told POCIT about the pioneering spirit behind the app’s creation and how he hopes to make a lasting impact on the healthcare system. Inspired by Mary Seacole Jamaican-British nurse Mary Seacole inspires the company’s name. During the 19th-century Crimean War, Seacole

Dr. Tori Brown, the founder of Fresh Digital Media, is the latest founder to join Apple’s Entrepreneur camp.  Fresh Digital Media, founded in 2018 by psychologist and business consultant Dr. Tori Brown, is a social tech enterprise providing business education to children and families. The company works to engage and support communities’ business education and financial literacy using augmented reality (AR), interactive learning content, and music and art entertainment. Dr. Tori Brown will join a cohort of 17 developers as part of Apple’s Entrepreneur camp and gain insight and inspiration from top