November 15, 2022

Burna Boy Is Officially The New Ambassador Of oraimo, Africa’s Top Smartwatch Brand

Tech accessory company, oraimo, has announced a new ambassadorial deal with Grammy award-winning artist Burna Boy. For many, the partnership between one of Africa’s leading tech brands and the artist known as the ‘African Giant,’ is a marriage made in heaven.

What is oraimo? 

Described as ‘as far from your regular smart accessory brand,’ oraimo is Africa’s leading TWS (true wireless technology) and smartwatch brand.

The company’s initial product line of durable charging bricks and chords became hugely popular amongst the Nigerian community when it first launched due to its quality experience and affordable prices. 

Since then, oraimo has paved the way for its other products to take precedence within the tech accessories industry with over 100,000 retail stores worldwide. For Africa’s music lovers, oraimo’s HavyBass™ sound-tuning technology, with accompanying headphones, speakers, and headsets, is a favorite.

oraimo’s Partnership With Burna Boy 

oraimo’s partnership with one of the most prominent Afrobeats artists in the world is set to bring the company’s services to the world stage. From their innovative sound technology to their Free Pods, it is safe to say oraimo has transformed the way Afrobeats music lovers consume their music. 

In a statement, Burna Boy said: “I have always admired the innovative ways of the brand and what it stands for. Our values are aligned as I see the brand’s journey as a testament to how far I’ve come in my career, despite facing many challenges.” 

Together Burna Boy and oraimo will work to bring an out-of-world music experience to African youth through futuristic sound technology. 

According to reports, the brand aims to explore new products and sounds that will leave a lasting impact across Africa and the rest of the world. 

Kumba Kpakima

Kumba Kpakima is a reporter at POCIT. A documentary about the knife crime epidemic in the UK got her a nomination for the UK's #30toWatch Young Journalists of the Year.