Meet Josh Malemba, The 20-Year-Old Techie Who Hopes To Sit In The Ranks Of Mark Zuckerberg

Josh Malemba had no idea that an after-school hobby would turn into an impactful business. Now at the age of 20, the Leicester student has created his very own company, CodeSuite, and he wants to teach the next generation how to get into the tech world

Code Suite is an educational company that breaks down barriers of entry for young people wanting to get into technology by teaching them coding skills. The student has a passion for educating and encouraging young people to develop digital skills that will help them break into the tech industry.

Through founding Code Suite, he aims to counter the lack of coding and programming skills traditionally taught in schools and revolutionize local education so that every young person has a chance to build a career in tech.

In 2021, at the age of 19, he launched the company, which offers private mentoring for aspiring people who would like to learn how to code. His company also has a dedicated team that creates websites and mobile apps.

But how did his journey begin? Speaking to Leicestermercury, he said it was his dad who opened his eyes to the world of tech.

“After college, I went to the University of Leicester, where I currently study, but I’m on a placement year working as a developer. I actually picked up coding from my dad, and that was one of the greatest motivations as to why I started it.

“When I was around 13, my dad worked as a data analyst and his manager happened to know how to code – a skill he passed on to my father. The constant daily exposure to coding opened my dad’s eyes and so he really wanted me to get involved in the trade,” he told Leicestermercury.

“If someone at such a young age could be get inspired to pick up such a crafty skill, imagine how far they could go. He came home one day and told me that I needed to get involved.

“It was quite daunting because for one I had just entered my teens, it was something I’d never done before, and in school, I never considered myself an A* student. For that matter, I never even consider myself as a candidate that would be good at coding, but I saw a lot of similarities between my love of gaming and the coding world.”

Touching on the challenges he’s experienced with his business journey, he said: He said: “I have to be honest, working with teenagers was tough because they had a low attention span, so I had to filter my content to ensure that it was still informative but could keep students engaged.

“Another challenge I’ve faced as the founder of CodeSuite is that, sometimes we get clients who request things that are simply out of our scope, so I’ve had to learn the power of negotiation and compromise. There is always going to be challenges when owning a business, but I see each challenge as a learning opportunity.”

Abbianca Makoni

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